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2022 Barkley Marathons Runners & Results

Barkley Yellow gate

The Yellow Gate, Courtesy of Finally Found Something I love

The 2022 Barkley Marathons started at 7:54 AM Eastern Time on March 8, an unusual or perhaps unique mid-week start. So, everyone’s surprised. I’m surprised, excited and generally amped. I knew 2022 couldn’t suck 100%. As always, I’ll add runners and more details as that information becomes public knowledge. No spoilers here. Just Barker madness. If you see anything missing or wrong below, please let me know.

Last update: Thursday March 10, Late

2022 Barkley Marathons Runners

All information here is public and is being updated in real-ish time from Twitter (#BM100), Keith Dunn (Twitter), Taka Does StuffUltra Signup, Reddit and other sources. If I’m missing or wrong about  anything, just let me know and I’ll verify and update.

Victim L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 Comments
1. Karel Sabbe 8:07:50 19:34:11 32:21:49 DNF
2. Greig Hamilton 8:37:30 20:26:03 34:20:39 DNF Ultra Signup
3. John Kelly 8:07:51 19:34:01 35:26:09 DNF 17 Winner
4. Thomas Dunkerbeck 8:32:47 23:35:29 39:27:46 NA Instagram
5. Jasmin Paris 9:23:18 23:38:31 39:49:56 NA Twitter
6. Tomokazu Ihara 10:00:49 26:15:27 DNS Instagram
7. Albert Herrero Casas 8:07:52 DNF DUV Stats
8. Michael Dubova
2021 BFC #1
8:07:53 DNF? Ultra Signup
9. Courtney Dauwalter 8:18:10 DNF Twitter
21 Interview
10. Harvey Lewis
21 BDBU #1
8:37:38 DNF Facebook
11. Thomas Øderud 9:18:06 DNF Instagram
12. Aaron Bradner
21 BFC #2
9:18:07 DNF Ultra Signup
13. Paul Giblin 9:27:31 DNF Instagram
14. Guillaume Calmettes 9:42:28 DNF Lost Page!
15. Jodi Isenor 10:14:48 DNF Twitter
Alyssa Godesky 10:14:49 Instagram
Johanna Bygdell 10:14:50 Instagram
Ian Farris 10:14:51 DNF Ultra Signup
Anna Carlsson 10:14:52 Ultra Signup
Ivan Dimitrov 11:35:00* DNF UTBM Results
Michael Brower 11:35:00* DNF
Enrico Frigeri 11:35:00* DNF Instagram
Merijn Geerts 11:35:00* Facebook
Carol Morgan 11:35:00* Ultra Signup 
Rémy Jegard 11:39:08 DNF Instagram
John Clarke 11:44:19 Ultra Signup
Hinke Schokker 11:50:18 DNF Instagram
Chris Roberts
21 BDBU #2
11:57:30 DNF Ultra Signup
Leif Abrahamsen 12:34:21 DNF Instagram
Katie Wright 12:47:24 Instagram
Ed Furtaw DNF Book
Ultra Signup
David Hughes DNF? Ultra Signup
Marina Kollassa
Human Sacrifice
DNF (OT) Ultra Signup
Alexandre Ricaud DNF?
Isobel Ross DNF? Instagram
20 Interview
Richard Sparks DNF? Ultra Signup
Arturas Volianskis DNF?
Joshua Wiley DNF (OT)
37-40? DNF?
Starters 43? TBD 5 3 0
Finishers 30 6 5 0 0

By Barkley convention, women are indicated with an underline. The top finisher in each gender is in bold. Note that sometimes race information and reports are not in English, but can be easily translated using Google Translate or other means. “DNF (OT)” means that they finished the loop after the cut-off time (over-time), as opposed to dropping out without finishing the loop. I can’t always tell if a drop is a DNF or DNF (OT) on loop one.

Race Cutoffs

The total cutoff for the Barkley is 60 hours, during which runners have to cover all five (5) laps. The individual loop cutoffs are nominally 12 hours, but you can finish the 3-loop Fun Run in 40 hours, so the effective cutoff for the first three loops is 13:20 per lap; however, if you want to continue, you have to finish the Fun Run in 36 hours or less, and cutoffs thereafter are 12 hours per loop. Here are the cutoff times for 2021 in Eastern Daily Time (EDT), the timezone for Wartbug, TN.

Loop 12 Hour Mark Loop Cutoff
Start Tuesday 7:54 am
0 hrs
L1 Tuesday 7:54 pm
12 hrs
Tuesday 9:14 pm
13:20 hrs
L2 Wednesday 7:54 am
24 hrs
Wednesday 10:34 am
26:40 hrs
(Fun Run)
Wednesday 7:54 pm
36 hrs
Wednesday 11:54 pm
40 hrs
(To Continue)
Wednesday 7:54 pm
36 hrs
L4 Thursday 7:54 am
48 hrs
L5 Thursday 7:54 pm
60 hrs

First Loop DNF time passed at 9:14 pm Tuesday:

Live Updates During the Race

As always, the best source is Keith Dunn on Twitter or the usual Reddit thread, among others. Amelia Boone is also offering commentary this year, and Taka is maintaining a live-ish spreadsheet with time updates that’s pretty cool.

Runner Notes

All TBD / Pending / Not Yet Accurate

Leif Abrahamsen

Aaron Bradner

Guillaume Calmettes

Albert Casas

John Clarke

Courtney Dauwalter

One of the greatest female ultra-runners of all time is finally making a second go at the Barkley. The women’s field is strong this year. If you want to see a great movie about Courtney, check out The Source.

Thomas Dunkerbeck

Enrico Frigeri

“Frozen” Ed Furtaw

Merijn Geerts

Paul Giblin

Tomokazu Ihara

John Kelly

Greig Hamilton

Chris Hanlon (Oops!)

Chris didn’t run this year, but some docs said he did. 🙂

Harvey Lewis

Jodi Isenor

Remi Jegard

Jasmin Paris

Chris Roberts

Isobel Ross

My friend and amazing runner from down under, Isobel is racing right after getting engaged to her partner and crew member, Ron Tait. Congratulations to them both!

Karel Sabbe

This is classic. The Barkley course wins again.

Hinke Schokker


Katie Wright

Who’s Not Running?

Amelia Boone

Not running this year, but offering commentary on Twitter. Look out, Keith Dunn!

Liz Canty

Experienced Barker and 2019 BFC champion, Liz helped filled out a strong field of women in 2021.

Noé Castañón

See his hysterical 2021 race report here, which was originally from Facebook.

Jamil Coury

Jamil aka Jam-Jam is a perrenial Barker, runner, great guy and also producer of some off the best Barkley content. Check out his video on the 2018 race.


Chris Hanlon

There were erroneous reports that he was running.

Andrea Larson

She won BFC 21 and was thought to be at the Barkley this year, but she apparently did not apply. Hopefully, next year.

Gary Robbins

Multi-year Barker but not-yet-finisher, Gary Robbins opted out.



Maggie Guterl

An experienced Barker, running in  2018 and 2019, Maggie was part of a powerful group of women running in 2021.

Many Other Great Runners…

These are somewhat random examples of who’s NOT in the race. May other greats and potential runners are also not Out There this year.

Views from the Race


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Inspired by the Barkley

I was inspired by the Barkley years ago, but  like the vast majority of us, I’ll never run the race. So I wrote a science fiction book about a wild, dystopian future where genetically modified athletes compete in an insane and deadly race based (loosely) on the Barkleys. If you like ultra-running and science fiction, this is the book for you. Foreword or post-face by Laz (depending on edition).

Author Site | Amazon

Input & More

If you stumble across other race reports buy runners or crew,  or just great recaps, let me know. As always, if you want to learn more about the Barkley, there’s more to read:

Peace, and good luck Out There.

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  1. Maggie was there crewing John Kelly.

    Richard Sparks finished his loop in around 18 hours (but still a DNF).

    Jamil was out for “personal reasons” but did a lot of live coverage on YouTube.

    Yeah, Guillame lost a page and John Kelly almost lost his pages, and so did Greig Hamilton–he had trouble counting them up at the gate and then found the last one tucked in his pack. Courtney also dropped one on the ground and Laz thought she lost it. Year of the lost pages!

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