Comments for Cactus to Clouds Ultra Running. Ultra Hiking. Ultra Beautiful. Thu, 01 Oct 2020 19:48:03 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Trail Etiquette in the Age of Me by Paul Sun, 28 Jun 2020 21:32:53 +0000 One loss for hikers, and really everyone who shares a multi-use, single track trail, is that one cannot hear bikers or riders coming up behind while enjoying music with headphones/earbuds. So, I can kind of understand why someone would opt for a bluetooth speaker instead, but that’s being negligent to other trail users. The short answer is that no one gets to enjoy music while on or near the trail whether, biker, hiker or rider.

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by Shawn Butler Thu, 09 Apr 2020 01:50:23 +0000 In reply to Majo Srnik.

Thanks, Majo. This is great information. Such a bummer the way it turned out, but glad to know everyone did their best…

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by Majo Srnik Thu, 09 Apr 2020 01:46:30 +0000 Hi All !
First I have to say congrats to Ashley & Travis they created something absolutely EPIC! Like you said over 2500 people were watching live streaming and all become one and that’s exactly what we needed. Everyone from around the world for those 60h plus definitely forgot about some virus at least I did ! I was glued to the screen, late to work and finished too early make sure I don’t miss anything…

Now We run for one Vitargo team while ago with Mike Wardian even though our relationship never become too personal I respected Mike back then and I respect him now even more!
Also I know Radek Brunner, also not on very deep personal level but I know what he did long time before this race, followed his career and He always had my respect! When I saw he is running backyard ultra I was stoked and immediately posted on my Facebook “ this is my pick for the win “
Iam writing about this just to show I don’t need to pick the sides and trying to be very accurate and stay neutral…

Now this is my personal experience a bit behind the scenes what everyone watched just to fill up some blanks…
– it’s 2min to start another lap …
Mike is joking looking strong ready to run into darkness…
Radek comes to his treadmill before that looks into camera and waves…
– 1min to go Radek still drinking tea or something picking up his ipad standing on treadmill already
– Mike ready to take off
– starting clock coming close to start another lap
– Radek’s wife takes cup of the tea he is still standing on treadmill seting up his ipad
– GO time!
– Mike takes off running!
– Radek still looking around “ playing “ with ipad on his treadmill time ticking…
– my phone rings I pick Up ( it’s friend who works behind the scenes calling ) “ hey Majo call your friend immediately he needs to start running otherwise he is getting DQ !
– took me another 15-20 sec to call Radek he pick up phone saying what’s up ? Iam saying run Radek run ! Time is on ! I see radek looking on iPad and he saying no I still have 35sec before starting! Iam saying again run ! Run! run !
– eventually he started running all confused… I hang up the phone !
– 15-20 seconds later my phone rings ( it’s my friend from behind the scenes again) saying please call Radek but unfortunately he can stop he was DQ …
– Iam explaining what’s just happened
– my friend FaceTime to Radek saying he can stop running cause race is over…
that’s what People saw on the screen in those 2-3 minutes…

Now Iam not going to judge or take any sides, what happened is done and nothing is going to change it unfortunately but imo this could be handled a bit slower maybe? Considering the guy is running far away from Calgary and even my connection here was lagging behind too bad ruling was made so fast …

Regardless Massive Congrats to all who participate in this madness your all heroes and Iam sure we all will remember this race forever!
Hopefully Nextime technicalities will be considered into play game and no runners or spectators harts will be broken after all …
cheers Majo

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by Shawn Butler Wed, 08 Apr 2020 22:13:22 +0000 In reply to Ray Krolewicz.

Agreed. I’d love to see both runners face-to-face in the real world. Just hope that comes sometime…soonish…

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by Ray Krolewicz Wed, 08 Apr 2020 20:53:01 +0000 I have run in the actual Backyard a couple of times. I understand the DQ, it would have happened has a runner stood motionless that long at the start of the actual Backyard. However, once taking the official start, the only requirement is to finish within the hour. People use the portapotty, get food, visit, and I even know of one guy who crawled under a house a few times, during a lap, to try getting a shower working. Thus, the point about leaving to clear a snake is just another plumbing issue, and he could have just as easily cleared a snake (yes there are some) from the actual Backyard.
We all hate a DQ, and wish ot weren’t so. I am not computer savvy enough to use ZOOM, and don’t have Strava, so I recorded my laps on runkeeper, and at the end of each lap had to take a picture of my time/distance, reset for a new run, and leave the corral at the stroke of each new hour. I timed out at the conclusion of 6 yards, by 3 seconds, even then, because i did not hit the screen shot buttons perfectly while sprinting to the corral the picture I did take showed the lap time of 1:00:08… doesn’t matter, 3 seconds, 8 seconds, 1:50 seconds, I did not start the loop at the start of the hour. I was out! (I did continue to a marathon distance for my run:)
What I, and many others would love to see is these two men toeing the line in the actual Backyard along with the other great athletes who gather there.
One of them may or may not emerge victorious, but it will take more than 63 hours to make that determination!

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by Shawn Butler Wed, 08 Apr 2020 16:26:24 +0000 In reply to Ben Ami.

Ben, I’m sorry that I don’t speak Romanian. I put this through Google Translate but am not sure the result was accurate. Either way, thank you for contributing.

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by Shawn Butler Wed, 08 Apr 2020 16:22:50 +0000 In reply to @soulless_runner.

Thank you for the details and kind words. If you like, I can include the names of all six in the article — I’m just not entirely sure who they are. Thank you again.

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by Ben Ami Wed, 08 Apr 2020 16:22:31 +0000 Exista scene in film care indica – cat se poate de clar – ca Laz a intervenit in procesul de descalificare. A dat telefon cuiva, Cui? Nu e greu de inchipuit. Wardian nu ar fi alergat atat de repede daca nu i s-ar fi spus sa faca asta. Cine putea sa-i spuna? Sotia lui. Cine o sunase sa-i spuna ei? Ghici ghicitoarea mea! Toate astea se intamplau in timp ce Radek nu stia nimic si isi vedea de treaba. Iar toate astea se intamplau cand dificultatile tehnice atinsesera apogeul. Nici vorba de clopot. Nici vorba de cronometru calibrat. Nici vorba ca cineva sa ii spuna lui Radek ca alearga degeaba. Desi arata MULT MAI PROASPAT decat Wardian. Ca un concurs sa fie considerat reusit conteaza exact partea asta, finala. Care nu ar fi avut loc daca pana atunci lucrurile nu ar fi mers cat de cat. Desi cu mari probleme tehnice. Si de cateva ori fara clopot. Si chiar FARA CRONOMETRU pe ecran (tura 24). Totul trebuie sa mearga perfect ca sa iasa CORECT. Dar n-a fost deloc asa. De aici si frustrarea spectatorilor. Daca nu ai abilitatea sa judeci impartial, daca nu ai inteles ca tehnologia este departe de a fi perfecta, daca nu ai capacitatea de a lua judecati de valoare, daca nu ai intelepciunea sa iei decizii in concordanta cu realitatea, daca nu ai experienta unor astfel de concursuri… nu strica placerea a mii de oameni, fa altceva, gateste ceva bun, distreaza-te pe banii tai, nu pe ai altora!

Comment on Amazing Grace of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra by @soulless_runner Wed, 08 Apr 2020 15:01:16 +0000 This event was put on by a team of six friends, I was one of those six. I only state to to give my credentials for the comment I am about to make.
A day has now passed since we all frantically kicked behind the scenes like a duck under water. Trying to make things seem smooth on screen while flailing wildly behind the scenes. I was, in fact, the guy that was talking to Radek on his treadmill at the end as he plead his case to me.
As a team we told Travis and Ashley that their role was to be the race directors. “Make a decision and own it” were the words spoken before we all got off our collective phones and Travis and Ashley came online to address everyone. They did just that. Each of us six had a job to do and they did theirs. It was far from perfect, thousands of people will never know the story behind the scenes and that is just fine. However this article is, in my opinion, the most accurate depiction of what happened that I have read to date. I commend the writer.

Comment on 2020 Barkley Marathons (Canceled!) by CactusAdmin Wed, 11 Mar 2020 01:44:57 +0000 In reply to Nicole Jessome.

If you go here, Keith Dunn will tell us when it’s publicly announced.