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This is an eventually comprehensive list of Barkley Marathon runners and finishers (Barkers), including runners, crew and other important peeps. The intention is not to provide comprehensive biographies, but simply a quick reference to names, nicknames, and links to their often substantial accomplishments. All input is welcome, along with corrections, especially if it relates to the many unknown starters of the Barkleys.


Gary Buffington

1986 Barkley runner and ultra-runner of many races.

Jared Campbell

Finisher of the Barkley in 2012, 2014 and 2016, he remains the only three-time finisher. He’s also won Hardrock 100 and other minor races.

Gary Cantrell (“laz” or “Lazarus Lake”)

Some guy who founded some race or something.

Doyle Carpenter

Doyle was an experienced ultra runner when he raced in the first Barkley in 1986.

Eric Clifton

Multiyear Barkley starter and perennial ultra runner of some renown.

Damon Douglas

Damon ran in the first Barkley in 1986, making it farther than anyone else, but didn’t finish all three loops or even the second on course. He never ran another Barkley. You can find his articles for UltraRunning Magazine here, although he does not appear to have ever written about the Barkleys.

John  Fegyveresi (“lakewood”)

2012 Barkley finisher, the only year thus far with three finishers.

Edwin Furtaw, Jr. (“ED Furtaw” or “Frozen ed”)

Frequent Barker, first Fun Run finisher (when that’s all the race was), author and Barkley historian of sorts. He ran his first Barkley in 1988 and has been involved as a Barker in some way ever since.

  • 1988 Barkley Race Report – See Book
  • Results on Ultra Signup
Tom Green

Runner who participated in first Barkley in 1986. First runner to complete Grand Slam of 100 milers. Often called the grandfather of ultra running.

  • Results on Ultra Signup (Mixed with other Tom Greens)
  • Profile on Wikipedia
Richard Green

Runner who participated in first Barkley in 1986. Nephew of Tom Green.

Cathy Henn

Author of fictional accounts of the Barkley, and Karl Henn’s wife.

Dave Henn (“Danger Dave”)

Barkley runner, bugler and son of Karl Henn and Cathy Henn.

Karl Henn (“Raw Dog” or “RawDog”)

Friend of Gary Cantrell and Barkley co-founder.

Rich Limacher (“The TroubadoUr” or “scRITCH”)

Barkley alumni, poet, chicken cook and doer of other great stuff

Brett Maune

Course Record (CR ) holder at under 53 hours set in 2012, and one of only two multi-time finishers (along with Jared Campbell).

Matt mahoney

Barkley Alumni, historian of sorts, and kind answerer of stupid questions.

Ken McMaster

1986 Barkley runner.

Fred Pilon

Editor of Ultra Running Magazine. Participated in first Barkley in 1986.


Multi-year Barkley runner, Badwater winner, and some other stuff.

Gary Robbins

World-renowned ultra-runner and endurance athlete, somewhat more famous for multiple Barkley non-finishes starting in 2016.

Linda Sledge (F)

1987 Barkley runner and first woman to complete a loop. Actually, first woman to run Barkley at all.

Webb Sledge

1987 Barkley runner.

Mac Williamson

1987 Barkley runner.


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