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Various Hikes & Runs – Q4 2021

My usual notes on silly runs and bikes and whatnot. Of no possible interest to anyone. So, you’ve been warned.

Oct 12 / Stage Coach Putt-Putt MB (5+)

Just loosening the legs up.

Oct 11 / Bend Out-and-Back (3+)

All the bits seem okay. Achilles 90%, hip 80%, back meh. 🙂 I think 25:20 to the top, 41:20 RT, so moderate pace no problem.

Oct 9 / Black Star Motorway Loop (26+)

Did this for the first time in June 2020 in 4:07. Repeated today in far nicer weather in 3:33. Really a nice ride. Had to walk a few sections (legs just pooped, honestly), but the rain helped the roads (no dust or loose dirt), the temp was perfect and the downhill was really chill (I’m definitely more comfortable on the bike now). Only things off were (a) dozens of camo-wearing hunters out for quail or something (b) lots of dudes with trucks (c) obvious trash and off road activity and (d) a minor concern about being shot…but never even heard gunfire. Odd. Mike would like this ride. Tracking.

Oct 7 / Little Sycamore Loop (4+)

Jogged most of it. Nice weather, Achilles goodish, back meh, pretty good overall. Time was 51:25, which is a good if not best time? Not sure.

Oct 6 / Lizard Emerald with Jim / Mike MB (10)

Great ride. One of those days when I randomly feel good and have no idea why. PB&B sandwich? Magic? Good time.

Oct 5 / Bend Out-and-Back (3+)

Legs still feeling tired, so just up and down hill. Need to stretch and work on back flexibility. Otherwise, mostly okay.

Oct 3 / Weird Hikes with Kam (12?)

Met Kam at Baldy, but her Achilles was jacked from too much volunteer energy at the SD 100 yesterday (I think), so did most of Ice House to saddle, then went over to Manker to do service road to lodge. Very mellow time. Beautiful weather.

Oct 2 / Black Star to Radio Tower (16+)

Not a bad ride. Got my breathing together. Times not terrible. Never really felt too tired. Nice change. Tracking

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