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2023 Barkley Marathons Runners & Results

Barkley Yellow gate

The Yellow Gate, Courtesy of Finally Found Something I love

The 2023 Barkley Marathons started March 14, 2023 at 9:54 am ET. I have done live updates of runners and results for years, but didn’t this year and probably won’t going forward. There is plenty of good information on Twitter and other sites during the race. I’ll be updating this page for a few days after the race with more details and flavor.

2023 Barkley Marathons Runners

All information here is public and is sourced from Twitter (#BM100), Keith Dunn (Twitter), Taka Does Stuff, Ultra Signup, Reddit, Laz on FB, and other sources. If I’m missing or wrong about  anything, just let me know and I’ll verify and update.

KEY Time In
Loop Time
Time Out
Bold = Fastest or Notable
Underline = Woman
DNF = Did Not Finish
DNS = Did Not Start
Victim L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 Comments
1. Aurélien Sanchez 8:45:53

2. John Kelly 8:17:57
8:17:57 8:38:28 0:20:31

Finish #2
3. Karel Sabbe 8:27:14

New SKT!
4. Damian Hall 8:17:55
DNF UltraS
5. Albert Herrero Casas 8:17:54
11:37:15 20:32:25
33:03:58 0:59:59
DNF UltraS
6. Jared Campbell 8:22:14 20:48:20 33:23:09 3x Finisher
7. Jasmin Paris 8:36:57 21:13:07 35:40:46 DNF Report
8. Tomokazu Ihara 9:12:23 22:46:38 35:55:24 DNF UltraS
Japanese Laz
9. Christophe Nonorgue 8:17:56 20:10:06 36:24:01 UltraS
Tall Guy with Beard
10. Pavel Paloncý 8:33:11 21:20:30 36:36:32 UltraS
Big Smiling Guy
11. Joe McConaughy 8:48:00 20:48:22 38:59:56 UltraS
12. Guillaume Calmettes 8:48:00 22:46:32 DNF UltraS
Guy with Big Grin
13. Aaron Bradner
2022 BFC #1
9:00:00 23:53:03 DNF UltraS
14. Johan Steene 10:46:40 26:33:38 DNF UltraS
15. Piotr Chadovich
2022 BDBY #1
9:59:13 26:33:39 DNF UltraS
Very Polite Guy
16. Nickademus de la Rosa 8:48:00 DNF 2013 Finisher
Tan Guy
17. Luca Roncoroni 9 :50:54 DNF Report
18. Thomas van Woensel 9:59:11 DNF UltraS
Foreign Guy
19. Harvey Lewis 9:59:12 DNF Talkative Guy
20. Dearric Winchester 10:29:39 DNF UltraS
21. Dawn Greenwalt 11:00:00 DNF UltraS
22. Dale Holdaway 11:00:00 DNF UltraS
23. Rémy Jegard 11:00:00 DNF UltraS
24. Stephen Redfern 11:00:00 DNF UltraS
25. Jon Eisen 11:13:00
11:13:00 12:45:34 1:32:34
DNF Report
26. Katie Wright 11:20:00 DNF UltraS
27. Tom Hollins 11:35:00 DNF Report
28. Eoin Keith 11:35:00 DNF UltraS
29. Andrea Larson
2022 BFC#1
11:35:00 DNF UltraS
30. Billy Reed 11:35:00 DNF Video
31. Nicky Spinks 11:35:00 DNF Human Sacrifice
32. E.B. DNF UltraS
33. Ed Furtaw DNF Legend
Also LOL
34. Andrea Kooiman DNF UltraS
35. David Limousin DNF UltraS
36. Kyle Markisich DNF UltraS
37. Melissa Robertson DNF Report
38. Ben Yancey DNF UltraS
39. Tim Waz DNF UltraS
40+ ??? DNF
Starters 40+ 30 14 7 4
Finishers 31 15 11 4 3

Note that sometimes race information and reports are not in English, but can be easily translated using Google Translate or other means. “DNF (OT)” means that they finished the loop after the cut-off time (over-time), as opposed to dropping out without finishing the loop, but this rarely appears as it’s not reported anywhere easy to find.

Live Updates During the Race

As always, the best source is Keith Dunn on Twitter.

Note that in the excitement, this tweet is mistaken–that it was the first time four runners were on loop five–but there were four or five runners on the course for L5 in 2012:

Unfortunately, this error persists online:

Runner Notes

Pending / Not Yet Accurate

Jared Campbell (Nondescript Guy)

The only three-time finisher, Jared tapped out after loop 3 (the Fun Run) with knee issues.

Albert Herrero Casas (Guy with Glasses)

Jon Eisen (Corpse Sprang to Life)

At 11:10ish into the race (Keith never posted my time), I arrived back at camp. Miranda had setup to aid me right at the gate. I sat down and she handed me hot chili. It was amazing. My brain was foggy. I couldn’t make decisions. I told Miranda, “I’m going to need work.” I don’t think she understood my meaning. Quickly, things got bad. I started shivering uncontrollably. I asked to go to the tent. She took me to the car and started it. I broke down in the car, telling her about the battle in my mind. My battle with Past Jon and Future Jon for the rights of Current Jon to quit this stupid race. Through it all, Miranda was patient with me, hoping to convince me to continue. Without a decision to quit and without one to continue, I asked for more food. Finally, after 30+ minutes in the car, I stopped shaking. My mind centered. My thinking became clear again. I would continue. (Race Report)

Somewhere back in camp, the time ticked past 26 hours and 40 minutes, meaning my time on loop two was up. We of course would continue to the final book. Little did I know, my wife and crew back in camp was talking shit about me: (Race Report)

Jim played me taps first. I stood there solemnly. Long ago, I had described myself on some social media platform as a “Future Barkley Marathons DNF.” This moment was my dream. A dream come true. Barkley had spoken to me. Barkley had called me. I had answered. I trained. I prepared. I believed. And now, I had failed. (Race Report)

Damian Hall (Guy with a Mohawk)

John Kelly (The Other Guy)


Andrea Kooiman

Andrea has a strong running background, and without this navigation error, she might have done very well this year…

Andrea Larson

After winning BFC again, Andrea took another shot at the Barkley and finished one loop. Andrea put together a great race report on the Iron Bull blog: The Experience of a Lifetime:

As we headed up the first climb, I soon lost contact with the main group. After snagging the first book, I was in a situation I had dreaded…only a single runner, another virgin, was in sight. The race strategy to stay with a group with at least a veteran was instantly out the window. Next, I lost my confidence in navigation after jumping off a spur a hair early, and ending up off my intended target on the very first descent. We lost precious time weaving back-and-forth across a rocky creek bottom to get back on track. At least my feet didn’t get wet…. More

BTW, I can’t find any reliable information on her loop times, so if you do, please let me know. Keith never posted her times, possibly at her request (?).

Jasmin Paris (Small European Woman)

Jasmin was the first woman to start a fourth loop at the Barkley since Sue Johnston in 2001, but did not finish in time. She still earned a Fun Run (three loops), and looks like she could do all five if things align in the future.

I gave it my best effort and I’m proud of that. I still think a woman can finish 5 loops, although I suspect Laz will make next year even harder 🙂

And from Jasmin’s race report: “When I reached the gate Laz looked at me enquiringly and asked whether I still thought I could do five loops. I looked at him and replied honestly that I thought I could.” I suspect she’s right…

Billy Reed

Melissa Robertson

Melissa was the last person out on loop one, finishing long over time, but got a nice write-up in Central Coast News. Great effort all around.

Loop: I was sucking at finding the books. And ended up teaming up with Ben (Also happens to be Laz’s next-door neighbour) who’d done the race in 2019, until he gave up at book 8 and hiked it back via the highway. He and I got book 2, then met again when I couldn’t find book 4. We found that one, then got books 5-7. Unfortunately we got terribly lost on the way to book 8 and wandered off the map. We ended up picking a trail and figured we would walk into something eventually…. We did. Ben told me a story about a group that went missing on their first lap for well over 2 days and there’s now a 48 hour 1st lap cutoff. We discussed the plans at the camp turnoff and I said I’d head out for Book 8 again, and try to get the others and be in by dark, and if he could pass that on so no-one would worry. We parted ways and I got the rest of the books and headed in. Getting in just before dark. – Facebook

Luca Roncoroni (Guy in Black)

Luca wrote a great report after getting tapped out on Loop 2. Better luck next time!

It is a beautiful day, the sun is warming, and I don’t want it to be over quite yet.
I need time to process the disappointment of not making the cut-off.
I need time to accept the fact that I lost 3,5 hours looking for book 6.
I need time to appreciate the good navigation to 11 books.
I need time to think about the great companions in this journey.
I need time to cherish the experience.
I need time to be grateful.
I need time alone on the top of the mountain.
Karel Sabbe (Another Bearded Guy?)

Aurélien Sanchez (Winner / Another Bearded Guy)

Nicky Spinks (#1 = Human Sacrifice)

Dearric Winchester (Guy with a Purple Beard)

 Katie Wright


Random Stuff

Barkography: Howie Stern’s 2023 Barkley Photo Essay

After a five year drought, this year’s running of the secretive race in the Tennessee woods was captivating. Would anyone finish? Professional adventure photographer, Howie Stern, was there to capture the essence of the grueling event through Frozen Head State Park. – More

Howie really does take the best pictures…

The 2023 Barkley Marathons



There was some interesting data / analytics and graphics being shared during the race. Certainly helped pass the time between tweets.

This animation came out after the race:

Barkleversy – Life Isn’t Fair

Interesting NYT article that touches on some of the controversy around laz (Gary Cantrell) and the race.

It’s not about winning,” Cantrell said. “It’s about trying to win — trying to reach your potential.” Each time there was a finish, he made the race harder. His goal was to keep it at the very horizon of human potential. Only 17 people have ever finished, all men. Many have questioned whether Cantrell finally set the bar too high. He disputes that. Creating a truly impossible race would have been easy and boring.

Barkley 2023 Recap (View)

It’s a recap. Of the Barkley. In 2023. Neat.

One runner, after finishing his loop and dropping out, cooked an egg burrito while showering. He took a camp stove and skillet into the shower, cooked the eggs, and ate the tortilla in the shower.

Inspired by the Barkley

I was inspired by the Barkley years ago, but  like the vast majority of us, I’ll never run the race. So I wrote a science fiction book about a wild, dystopian future where genetically modified athletes compete in an insane and deadly race based (loosely) on the Barkleys. If you like ultra-running and science fiction, this is the book for you. Foreword or post-face by Laz (depending on edition).

Author Site | Amazon | UBL

Input & More

If you stumble across other race reports buy runners or crew,  or just great recaps, let me know. As always, if you want to learn more about the Barkley, there’s more to read:

Peace, and good luck Out There.


  1. Susan Eisen

    Jon Eisen completed the 1st loop at 11:12. He was the 31st runner to leave on the second loop and is the one referred to as Corpse sprung to life. He was wearing a head wrap with sugar skulls. He almost did not start the second loop but finally mustered the will to go back out. He did not finish the second loop in time.

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