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2021 Barkley Marathons Results & Reports

Barkley Yellow gate

The Yellow Gate, Courtesy of Finally Found Something I love

The 2021 Barkley Marathons started at 2:04 AM ET on March 18 on a foggy day in Frozen Head State Park, and the race kicked off one hour later. The start being days or or even weeks earlier than usual has caught pretty much everyone by surprise. This year’s field is limited mostly to US runners due to COVID travel restrictions, so there are relatively few international runners. The mostly-US field is still strong, and 2021 Barkleys should be a great break from bad news around the world. Sit back, relax, and start hitting refresh on Twitter. #BM100!

I’ll add runners and more as that information becomes public knowledge. No spoilers here. Just Barker madness. If you see anything missing or wrong below, please let me know.

2021 Barkley Marathons Runners

All information here is public and was being updated in real-ish time from Twitter (#BM100), Keith Dunn (Twitter), Ultra Signup and other sources. If I’m missing or wrong about  anything, just let me know and I’ll verify and update. No runner finished Loop 3 in time to continue onto Loops 4 or 5, so those are not shown.

Victim L1 L2 L3 More
1. Luke Nelson 10:21:19 24:32:35 39:04:08 Instagram
2. Jared Campbell 10:21:18 24:32:34 39:04:09 Instagram
3. Liz Canty
BFC 2019 #1
10:44:00 DNF (OT)
4. Courtney Dauwalter 10:44:00 DNF (OT)
6. Maggie Guterl 10:44:00 DNF (OT)
6. Jamil Coury 10:39:00 DNF (OT)
7. Frank Gonzalez
BFC 2019 #1
10:39:00 DNF UltraSU
8. Scott Martin 10:39:00 DNF UltraSU
9. Wes Thurman 10:39:00 DNF UltraSU
10. Chris Hanlon 10:44:00 DNF UltraSU
11. Nikolay Nachev 11:06:08 DNF UltraSU
12. Pavel Paloncy 11:20:52 DNF Instagram
13. Andy Pearson 12:22:18 DNF Instagram
14. Harald Zundel 12:47:16 DNF UltraSU
15. Tano Isola 13:00:17 DNF Instagram
16. Ian Farris
BFC 2020 #1
13:16:09 DNF UltraSU
17. Jake Rankinen 13:19:00
18. Greg Armstrong DNF UltraSU
19. Ashley Blake
2020 BFC-M #1F
20. Matt Cantrell DNF (OT)
21. Jeff Garmire DNF Gear List
22. Tim Garvey DNF (OT)
23. Karen Jackson DNF Interview
24. Glenn Kasper DNF Interview
25. Carl Laniak DNF (OT)
26. Leonard Martin DNF UltraSU
27. Eric Moening
aka “Dearric”
28. Karen McNeany
BFC 2020 #1
29. Hiram Rogers DNF (OT)
30. Peter Morgan DNF (OT)
18 ish?
31. Noé Castañón DNF Report
32. Ron Moore DNF UltraSU
33. Ryan King DNF UltraSU
34. David Hughes DNF UltraSU
35. Peter Mortimer DNF UltraSU
Starters 35? 16 2
Finishers 17 2 2

By Barkley convention, women are indicated with an underline. The top finisher in each gender is in bold. Note that sometimes race information and reports are not in English, but can be easily translated using Google Translate or other means. “DNF (OT)” means that they finished the loop after the cut-off time (over-time), as opposed to dropping out without finishing the loop. I can’t always tell if a drop is a DNF or DNF (OT) on loop one.

Race Cutoffs

The total cutoff for the Barkley is 60 hours, during which runners have to cover all five (5) laps. The individual loop cutoffs are nominally 12 hours, but you can finish the 3-loop Fun Run in 40 hours, so the effective cutoff for the first three loops is 13:20 per lap; however, if you want to continue, you have to finish the Fun Run in 36 hours or less, and cutoffs thereafter are 12 hours per loop. Here are the cutoff times for 2021 in Eastern Daily Time (EDT), the timezone for Wartbug, TN.

Loop 12 Hour Mark Loop Cutoff
Start Friday 3:04 am
0 hrs
L1 Thursday 3:04 pm
12 hrs
Thursday 4:24 pm
13:20 hrs
L2 Friday 3:04 am
24 hrs
Friday 5:44 am
26:40 hrs
(Fun Run)
Friday 3:04 pm
36 hrs
Friday 7:04 pm
40 hrs
(To Continue)
Friday 3:04 pm
36 hrs
L4 Saturday 3:04 am
48 hrs
L5 Saturday 3:04 pm
60 hrs

Live Updates During the Race

As always, the best source is Keith Dunn on Twitter, but you can also follow finisher and local John Kelly (Random Forest Runner) or the usual Reddit thread, among others:

Runner Notes

According to Lauren Nethery, there were 35 starters this year (13 veterans and 22 virgins). I’m not sure of the usual ratio of virgins to veterans, but it’s good to have more vets so the virgins aren’t left wandering in the woods by themselves.

And a shout-out to a strong team of women. Three managed to finish two loops this year under trying and foggy / rainy conditions. I’m sure they’ll be back next year for more pain and suffering Out There:

Greg Armstrong

Whom you may remember from the Quarantine Backyard Ultra, Vol State and other great events.

Ashley Blake

Jared Campbell

The only three-time finisher and general beast, Jared is back in 2021 to show us how it’s done.

Matt Cantrell

Matt was a Virgin at the Barkleys this year, and finished one lap over time (DNF (OT)), but with all his pages. Check out his race report.

Liz Canty

Experienced Barker and 2019 BFC champion, Liz helps fill out a strong field of women with the best chance for a woman to finish a Fun Run since Beverly Anderson-Abbs in 2012 & 2013 (several women finished FRs before that). Liz finished the first loop in 12:09 in 2018, so she’s nearly 90 minutes faster this year.

Noé Castañón

See his hysterical race report here, which was originally from Facebook.

Jamil Coury

Jamil aka Jam-Jam is a perrenial Barker, runner, great guy and also producer of some off the best Barkley content. Check out his video on the 2018 race.

Courtney Dauwalter

One of the greatest female ultra-runners of all time is finally making a go at the Barkley. The women’s field is strong this year. If you want to see a great movie about Courtney, check out The Source.

Ian Farris

Frank Gonzalez

I believe this is the right Frank Gonzalez on Ultra Signup, winner of the 2019 Barkley Fall Classic (BFC).

Maggie Guterl

An experienced Barker, running in  2018 and 2019, Maggie is part of a powerful group of women running in 2021. Hopefully, she can help virgins (new runners) like Courtney on the course during initial laps.


Chris Hanlon

David Hughes

Glenn Kasper

You can see him in a post-race interview here.

Tano Isola

Don’t yet know much about this Argentinian trail runner, but Territorio Trail Media on Twitter is covering his progress in the 2021 Barkley Marathons with some great pictures. Learn more about him on Facebook.

Scott Martin

Here are Scott’s results on Ultra Signup.

Karen McNeany

Peter Mortimer

Nikolay Nachev

Pavel Paloncy

Pavel is three-time winner of the UK Spine Race from England to Scotland along the Pennine Way, so he knows something about running in cold and foggy conditions.

Andy Pearson

Jake Rankinen

Jake finished the first loop in around 13:19, on time, but didn’t have time to continue before the hard 13:20 cutoff. I believe (but will confirm) that the “13:40” is a typo in Keith’s tweet.

Wes Thurman

I’m still learning about Wes, but his results on Ultra Signup are impressive.

Harald Zundel

German ultra-runner and Kodiak 100 mile champion Harald Zundel made it to the second loop.

Who’s Not Running?

Due to COVID travel restrictions and other factors, most of the international travelers could not complete in the 2021 Barkleys. This included famous Barkers including Gary Robbins, but also many others. Following are just some of those we’re bummed we couldn’t see this year.

Amelia Boone

Unfortunately, even some race favorites like Amelia Boone couldn’t make it to Frozen Head this year.

David Limousin

Diabetes advocate and European ultra-runner David Limousin was again blocked by COVID from running this year.

Gary Robbins

Multi-year Barker but not-yet-finisher, Gary Robbins is stuck in Canada watching comfortably from the couch with his family. Doesn’t sound so bad.

Isobel Ross

First invited for last year’s canceled race, Australian Isobel Ross was blocked by travel restrictions from participating this year. Hopefully, we’ll see her in 2022.

Views from the Race

This is just random stuff from the 2021 Barkleys that I might update over time. There will be a flood of pictures and videos after the race, so this is just really whatever caught my eye. Enjoy.

Laz Lighting up to Start off the Race

This just makes me smile. Or laugh. And maybe cringe a little.

HBO Prequel for Real Sports

Apparently, some interviewin’ was done.

Tapping Out Together

Ashley Blake, Hiram Rogers, Tim Garvey, Matt Cantrell and Carl Laniak (not in order) tap the yellow gate after finishing loop one past the cut-off time.

Sights & Sounds of the 2021 Barkley

Enjoy the sights, sounds and stories from this year’s race, which returned to Frozen Head State Park after the event was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19. A sincere and special thank you to Jamil Coury for making this opportunity possible, and to Lazarus Lake for allowing me to share the Barkley Marathons experience.

Filmed & Edited by Kevin Lara:

Inspired by the Barkley

I was inspired by the Barkley years ago, but  like the vast majority of us, I’ll never run the race. So I wrote a science fiction book about a wild, dystopian future where genetically modified athletes compete in an insane and deadly race based (loosely) on the Barkleys. If you like ultra-running and science fiction, this is the book for you. Foreword or post-face by Laz (depending on edition).

Author Site | Amazon

Related Stuff

Input & More

If you stumble across other race reports buy runners or crew,  or just great recaps, let me know. As always, if you want to learn more about the Barkley, there’s more to read:

Peace, and good luck Out There.


  1. Kam Sengthong

    Courtney!!!! Finally.

  2. Mama Bear

    This is fantastic stuff. thank you

  3. Jen Simpson

    Scott Martin did indeed start loop 2!

  4. Jen Simpson

    Ryan King is 3rd tapped out.

  5. Jen Simpson

    Andy Pearson and Harold Zundel are both in after completing loop 1. Haven’t seen where they went back out. May be overtime.

  6. Jen Simpson

    Ron Moore 4th tapped out. DNF’d loop 1.

  7. Thfhj

    Karen Jackson did start, but I haven’t heard an update since then.

  8. Barton

    Hi – great write up. One nit (possibly) Think race started at 3:04 Central time not Eastern. I am pulling for them all but this year looks tough.

  9. TE

    Ian Farris won the BFC in 2020.

  10. Stephen Schieberl

    Where are you getting that Scott Martin DNFed loop 2? Asking because… well, there is no way he already DNfed this time. Can’t find any info to back up that claim. Is it possible that you’ve picked up the tweet from 2018 when he dropped in loop 2?

  11. steve collier

    Haven’t checked but haven’t you spelled Courtney’s surname wrong?

  12. Jen Simpson

    To answer your question, no it is not the normal veterans to virgins race make up. Usually far more veterans that are made up of non-USA participants.

  13. Thankyou so much for doing this!

  14. JBird

    A couple of things.
    Yes, Wartburg is on Eastern Time.
    The 2nd thing is, in reference to the following that you write above:
    “ Liz Canty
    Experienced Barker and 2019 BFC champion, Liz helps fill out a strong field of women with the best chance ever for a woman to finish a Fun Run…or the whole thing.”

    Beverly Anderson Abbs finished the Fun Run in 2012. The only woman to ever to do so so far.

    The way you have what I quoted above worded, makes it sound like no woman has ever finished at least a Fun Run.

  15. TE

    Sue Johnston was the first female to finish a fun run. She did it in back to back years, 2000 and 2001. She holds the record for the most miles finished by a female (66 miles).

  16. TE

    Are you sure Chris Hanlon is a girl? The ultra running CH I’ve heard of is a boy.

  17. John

    Chris Hanlon is male. That is the correct US link.

  18. Is it really correct, that the cutoff time for Loop 1 is 13:40, as Keith Dunn mentioned in his tweet. Do you know any background of this?

  19. Andrew

    This site is phenomenal!

  20. TE

    I stand corrected about Suzi Thibeault finishing the fun run in ’91. She finished with Nancy Hamilton, so they share the distinction as the first. Nancy finished again in ’93. Not sure there were any other female finishers until Sue Johnston in 2000. In ’95 the fun run was increased to “60 miles” with a 40 hour cut off. That is the same year as the first full Barkley finish (5 loops) by Mark Williams. Some of this is a bit of internet pre-history but it all should be in the Frozen Ed’s book. I read it a few years back but don’t own a personal copy. Have to correct that.

    PS – thanks for your work on this site. Along with Keith’s Twitter feed, it has kept me, and I suspect many other, well informed as the runners are out there.

  21. barkley crew person

    you mention not always being able to differentiate between straight DNF’s and DNF(OT)’s…

    Hiram Rogers, Ashley Blake, Carl Laniak, Tim Garvey, and Matt Cantrell finished loop one together with all their pages, but arrived back at camp past the cutoff. If that matters.

  22. Kam Sengthong

    Love your site! Thank you for keeping me updated.

  23. HumanSacrifice

    Yes, Karen McNeany started and she finished a loop over the cutoff (from Keith’s tweets)

  24. Ashley Blake

    I finished with 4 other runners together at 18:20hr according to my pocket watch. Very comprehensive site thanks for sharing!

  25. Climbed Rat Jaw with a broken rib. I blame his crew who broke his wrist and bruised his rib at 2:04am before the start.

  26. His support broke his wrist before the start! And he broke his rib trying a shortcut off a cliff!

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