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Various Hikes & Runs – Q3 2021

The usual personal diary of nonsense. This quarter I’ll be working exciting thing like (a) overall energy on endurance-length stuff, hopefully (b) injury prevention (c) more Vit B and Vit D tests (d) some longer rides and runs and (e) sound reduction on bike using ear protectors of some kind (maybe useful with tinnitus?). All very exciting. Not.

Jul  25 / Putting Around Serrano MB (4?)

Just tried a little up and down / out and back. Legs okay, Achilles okay, bit breathy on return climb, but not complaints. Somehow sidearmed a cactus on the way down, so picking spines out of myself, but all good otherwise.

Jul  24 / Black Star to Beek’s MB (Fasted) (16)

Pretty pokey, but Achilles didn’t seem to mind. Not eating slowed me down, but oddly where I felt tired, etc., didn’t really change much. Another bee tried to get in my helmet, so I shook my head until I nearly fell of my bike. Maybe just let it sting me next time?

Jul 23 / Short Test MB (4+)

Well, my foot didn’t fall off, so maybe I can still bike. Also ate a lot of crap and gained like three pounds.

Jul 19 / Jog up Top of the World (4.5+)

Well, this was 90% a great jog and 10% an Achilles re-injury, so…I’m out for a while. Weeks at least. Maybe months. This injury came on faster and more dramatically than in the past. If I missed any signals, it might’ve been tight calves?

Jul 17 / San Jacinto from Humber w/Kam (16)

Very nice mellow hike up and jog/hike down with Kam. No real issues except general lack of energy. Beautiful day. Say Kiera, Jessie, Giovana, etc. Small world.

Jul 15 / Bend Willow Jog (5?)

Another crap day on crap legs feeling crap. Honestly not sure how much more of this I can take. If this is what “running” feels like, it’s time to get a walker and start tending a garden somewhere. No idea what to do to fix it. No idea what’s wrong in the first place. On a positive note, my aerobic fitness isn’t terrible.

Jul 14 / Black Star Fail MB

Literally got off my back part way up and cried. That’s how crap I feel. Also killed another bee with my head, this time before getting stung. Not sure what to feel about that.

Jul 12 / Syc Ser Stage Loop Jog (5+)

Felt not terrible despite heat, which was nice. So…huh. Maybe it was drinking coffee after a month? I have no idea.

Jul 10 / Black Star to Crest (9)

Usual time, usual crappy feeling. Blah.

Jul 8 / Quick Jog on Bend (3+)

Just testing body out. Hot (around 90), so kept it short, but usual time on climb and easy descent. Not bad overall.

Jul 7 / Stage-Serrano-West Loop MB (7+)

Kinda whacked ride today. Badly bonked on second climbs, had to walk bike (like never before). Wonder if it was the heat (it was over 90 w/o a breeze). Not a great feeling, but felt fine at car. Hmm.

Jul 6 / Test on Little Syc (?)

Just no energy. Legs tired. Heat sucked. Should have had a beer instead. 🙂

Jul 3-4 / Rae Lakes Loop with John (40+)

So, we decided to drive to King’s Canyon, get out of the car, hike 40+ miles, and drive back to Irvine w/o any sleep (well, John slept in the car b/c he’s the Stephen Hawking of sleep). It went about as well as you might expect. A couple of things worth remembering:

A. We decided to do the Rae Lakes Loop from the west to reduce overall mileage and elevation gain. Still think this was the right call, even if the two mile walk to the loop start is one of the most boring sandy paths in the history of sandy paths.

B. The clockwise loop takes you north and then east, up two really gorgeous canyons full of life, the sound of water, and stunning rock faces in all directions. That’s what I was looking forward to most, and it did not disappoint.

C. When you hit the PCT, you turn back south and head toward the eponymous lakes. This drainage is wider and dryer than the first two and, while still very beautiful, isn’t as unique as the earlier canyons. Also, there are far more people.

D. I really loved the climb from Rae lakes to Glen Pass; just a beautiful area with expansive views, and the fading thunderstorm didn’t hurt.

E. The return seemed like it was going to be fun if long until we hit the junction at XXX, which told us it was still 15 miles to where our car was parked at Road’s End. This was completely wrong according too my math (and is factually wrong by 3+ miles), and psychologically damaging ;). The signs also for some reason picked random end points (sometimes Cedar Grove, with is 4+ miles farther, etc.), and I suspect the makers got CG and RE confused. Which is both stupid and dangerous.

F. The stretch between that point and the next major junction (about 6.3 miles) was the longest death march I can remember. It just went on, and on, and on. Just in a bad mood, I guess, but damn. Then the next set of switchbacks was even worse. Then the sandy slog back to the lot was…well, not good.

G. On the drive out of the Canyon, I kept seeing deer, foxes and even snakes basking in the road. More wildlife than I’d seen all day. Which was weird. What’s a gray fox-looking thing with a lion’s mane? Thought it was a plushy come to life. Freaked me out.

H. All told, there were truly beautiful parts and I’m glad we did it, but…I don’t know. Maybe more sleep would have helped :).

Jul 1 / Willow Bommer Bend Loop MB (4+)

Just testing things out in the heat. Aerobics not bad. Legs a bit tired. Energy okay, actually, though I had to walk the last foot of the last climb on Bend (only cleared it twice, I think). New brakes great on descent, but I think my rear tire needs replacing soon.

I do notice that with the Vit B and Vit D, the max aerobic output problem is fading and I don’t get winded nearly as easily. Now it just feels like work instead of panic, which is, you know, better. Just need that to continue past the first 45 min…

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