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2018 Barkley Marathons Results & Reports

Barkley Yellow gate

The Yellow Gate, Courtesy of Finally Found Something I love

No one finished the Barkley Marathons in 2018, and only Gary Robbin’s finished the Fun Run, but there’s still a lot to learn and talk about. More women competed than ever. The weather was terrible, as it often is. And of course there were some great stories from virgins and veterans alike. I’ve tried to gather all of those stories here (or at least link to them) so you can see what worked before you do your own BFC or full Barkley. Whatever your goals, I hope this helps.

2018 Barker (Runner) Race Results

All times from Matt Mahoney’s running summary page and Ultra Running Magazine.  Numbers at left do not indicate place or bib numbers, just the count of runners:

Victim Loop 1 Loop 2 Loop 3 Reports
1. Gary Robbins (CAN) 8:38:08 23:05:35  36:12:54 Report
2. Guillaume Calmettes (USA) 8:38:10 23:35:25 Interview
3. Ally Beaven (SCO) 8:38:09 23:35:30 Report
4. Johan Steene (SWE) 9:56:54 25:49:21
5. Valery Caussarieu (FRA) 9:07:20 26:26:26 Report
6. Jamil Coury 8:58:55 Video
7. Benoit Laval 9:07:15 Report
8. Jodi Isenor (CAN) 9:23:31
9. Scott Martin (USA) 9:56:55
10. Josep Barberillo (ESP) 10:53:15 Video
11. Nikolay Nachev (BUL) 10:54:39
12. Amelia Boone (USA) 10:57:58 Report
13. John Burton (USA) 10:57:59 Report
14. Remi Jegard (FRA) 11:58:17 Article
15. Maggie Guterl (USA) 12:08:40 Report
16. Liz Canty (USA) 12:09:12 Report
17. Eoin Keith (IRL) 12:09:13
18. Nicki Rehn (AUS) 12:19:23
19. Ed Ackerly (USA) 12:19:24
20. Anatoly Ross (CAN) 12:37:54
21. Grant Maughan (AUS) 12:38:15 Article
22. Garret Christensen (USA) 12:47:57 Report
23. Gabriel Szerda (USA) 12:55:01
24. Stephanie Case (FRA) 12:55:02
25. Kaz Williams (WLS)
(Human Sacrifice)
13:08:32 Report
26. Dewayne Satterfield (USA) 13:18:20
27. Cyrille Berthe (CHE) DNF
28. Melody Hazi (USA) DNF
29. Tomokazu Ihara (JPN) DNF Report
30. David Limousin (FRA) DNF
31. James Mace (SCT) DNF
32. Michael Wardian (USA) DNF
33-44. Unknown DNF
Starters 44 21 5 NA
Finishers 26 5 1 NA

If you know the other runners or can suggest other race reports, let me know. I’ll update as new information comes in. Note that sometimes race reports are not in English, but can be easily translated using Google Translate or other means.

2018 Barkley Racer Notes

Josep Barberillo produced a video recap after his DNF, describing how the cold got to him:


Liz Canty got in with her win of the 2017 Barkley Fall Classic her finishing time of 9:59:02, an interesting contrast to her Big Barkley loop one time of 12:09:12.

Jamil Coury produced an excellent post-race video “The Year the Barkley Won:”

Q&A starts at 97 minutes

David Limousin was unable to finish a loop: “…having lost my RoadBook very prematurely, I could not express myself as I wanted.”

Gary Robbins tapped out for the third time:

Anatoly Ross 2nd Place finish at the 2017 Barkley Fall Classic appears to have gotten him in (assuming Scott Gregor didn’t show up or begged off), ending his one and only loop in 12:37:54 after a 9:55:23 BFC finish.

Other Stuff

Lequipe – “La Barkley Sans Pitie” (French)

This is an overall study of the Barkleys, with a bit of 2017 recap. About twenty (20) minutes with some great production quality / video / interviews. A lot of it is in English and easy to understand.

Article by tairan Qin – “16 barkers” (Chinese)

If you throw Google Translate at this, you’ll find a pretty extensive Barkley Marathons summary (not just a 2018 recap).

ultra Running Terms & Quick Reference

This is a general glossary and overview, but also includes many Barkley-specific terms.

Race Recaps

There are many online Barkley 2018 stories, but most seem to regurgitate the same basic details. Here are a few of the better / more informative ones.

Crew Report – “2018 Barkley: A View from the Other side

Summary by 2017 Barkleys finisher and 2018 volunteer John Kelly.

Outside Magazine – “The Women of the Barkley Marathons

Good information about women’s experience in the race.

Runners World – “No Finishers at 2018 Barkley Marathons

Nothing really new in the article, but decent summary.

Input & More

If you see any other race reports buy runners or crew,  or particularly good recaps, let me know. And as always, if you want to learn more about the Barkley, check out the following:

Peace, and good luck Out There.


  1. Taka

    Going back through these as I’m compiling Barkley stats ^^
    It might be late but I have some info to add here too:

    Hiram Rogers is from Tennessee, USA according to http://www.mattmahoney.net/barkley/

    Cyrille Berthe is Swiss https://www.watson.ch/sport/das%20beste%202018/615871755-ein-schweizer-beim-brutalsten-ultramarathon-der-welt-das-ist-mit-nichts-vergleichbar

    Michael Wardian (USA) attended Barkley 2018, did not finish a loop within the cutoff https://twitter.com/mikewardian/status/978012393094766592

    Melody Hazi (USA) and James Mace (Scotland) are mentioned in this 2018 race report https://runningjohn.blogspot.com/2018/04/2018-barkley-marathons.html?m=1

    Tomokazu Ihara (Japan) had his virgin run in this year https://twitter.com/kleineyeti/status/1112631434303418374

    Thank you for making these, they’re super helpful!

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    Thanks. Good stuff. I was so confused at first; on mobile apps, the tabs are at the top. I was like, “What are you hiding from me!?!”. I have since recovered.

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