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Various Hikes & Runs – Q2 2021

The usual personal diary of nonsense.

Apr 10 / Bend 2x+ Loop with John (8)

Fun walk with John after parking fandango. Got to pass a runner on the hill, which is always nice :). Hip loosening up.

Apr 8 / Short MB with Jim (5)

Rattlesnake loop. Jim was dying. Kinda funny, but also, slow. 🙂

Apr 6 / Black Star to Beek’s MB (16)

Today was a box of chocolates. My doctor thinks my chest tightness might be some kind of asthma, so I picked up an inhaler today and tested it (never had one before), thus accidentally doing an experiment on this bike ride. Felt freakin’ amazing up to the crest, or close, with one of the usual tightness (inhaler? sleep? other?), matching my best time of 0:39 without really trying, then bonked like a mofo and nearly just quit in the little valley, had two gels, plowed by way up to Beek’s at 1:13 feeling wasted, and never really felt good all the way back down. Then, near the end, felt pain in groin and think I restrained my injury a bit. So, good, bad and ugly all accomplished. Have to test inhaler again under more controlled circumstances, figure out my freakin’ bonking, and…cut off my groin?

Apr 4 / Two Little Rides One wJohn (8+)

The second one on Willow / Bommer was fun.

Apr 3 / El Capitan with John, Kam & Michelle (11+)

Surprisingly pleasant, hike out in east county San Diego, great friends, nice weather, no major pain until hip tightened up at end. Nice day.

Apr 2 / Comments

Was supposed to do Skyline, but bailed due to logistics stuff. Ended up feeling pretty crap and having vertigo / nausea for the afternoon. Second time I think? Not a great feeling. No idea why.

Apr 1 / Willow 2x + Bend MB (8+)

Was planning more than this, but legs were just dead. So, two climbs up Willow and descent on Bend. 91 degrees, so kinda warm. Happy Q2

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