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Various Hikes & Runs Q1 2021

Here’s to another year of fun and injuries, and maybe some fitness. Or whatever. The usual nonsense for my consumption only.

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Mar 31 / Willow-Bend MB (4+)

Quick, hot ride very low energy, but made it up the crux on Bend easily enough. Rear brakes got really soft toward bottom of hill, which freaked me out, but one crank of the handle adjustment seemed to fix it. Hip / groin getting better, but very slowly. And that’s it for Q1.

Mar 30 / Local Hike with John (5+)

Nicer, cooler day. Hip tighter though.

Mar 29 / Local Hike with John (8)

Warm traffic-noisy loop, but still fun to be outside. Hip not too bad.

Mar 28 / Nap on MB (5+)

Sorta low energy zzzz…

Mar 27 / Black Star to Beek’s MB (16+)

So, my energy thing is driving me nuts. Never really felt out of breath, but tired and off the whole time. Even nauseated on the way down. Gels did not help. Burrito after did not really help. I whine. 41:30 to crest, which is not terrible, 1:15 to Beek’s, which is meh.Ā  Tracking.

Mar 26 / Stage-Syc-West Loop MB (7+)

Good energy, mellow pace, crazily bad technique (did I forget to ride?), nice weather, and groin not bad at all.

Mar 24 / Syc-Ser-Stage Loop (4+)

Pokey jog with groin pain about 2/3 of the way, stretching seemed to help. Definitely something funky going on.

Mar 22 / Stage-Syc-West Loop MB (7+)

Bleh energy, bleh rocks, but nice weather šŸ™‚

Mar 21 / Mission Trails MB wMike (12+)

Very fun ride and hadn’t seen Mike or Huy for long time. Huy almost off crutches, which is cool.

Mar 19 / Stage-Syc-West Loop MB (7+)

Actually very nice ride, first time w/o issues through rock garden.

Mar 17 / Willow 1x MB

Don’t laugh. My energy levels are jacked. Not sure why.

Mar 16 / Stage-Serro-West Loop MB (7+)

Mellow ride. First time ever through rock gardens without foot or stopping, which was cool, though I did hit my bottom bracket on rock pretty hard. Didn’t time it, so I’m just going to assume it was speedy.

Mar 14 / Grand Canyon Grand View Loop w/Kam (13+)


After a traffic fandango turned a 7 hour drive into a 14 hour drive, we nixed R3 plans and did this more mellow loop instead. Beautiful day for it.

Mar 12 / Santiago Truck Trail Putter II (?)

Just jogged a little farther down the dirt road. Apparently, it’s now graded all the way to the hill before the luge. Boo. Still, nice good day with rain clouds off in the distance.

Mar 11 / Santiago Truck Trail Putter (?)

Turns out they graded the whole damn trail? All the single track is gone, at least at the beginning, which is a real bummer. I assume it has something to do with access for the recent fires, but damn. Hip 90%. Foot 90%. Brain 10%. šŸ˜ Nice to see snow on the mountains after yesterday’s rains…

Mar 9 / Stage-Serro-West Loop MB (7+)

Better. Not a bad time on overall and goodish through through the rock gardens. Definitely feeling wiped and off still, but less gaspy and painy.

Mar 8 / Syc-Ser-Stage Loop (4+)

Mostly okay, foot and hip a bit twingy, but hip getting better. Foot probably needs a little rest and rehab before more running. Aerobically not terrible…

Mar 7 / Black Star to Saddle (12+)

Just a weird morning.Ā  Hamstring and then groin started hurting, so turned around at second saddle. Freakin’ mortality. I object. Strenuously.

ALSO, think I might have an iodine deficiency. Only thing I’ve found so far that explains all symptoms and corresponds to my vast sweatiness and increased activity. So, now to eat a lot of iodine. We shall see…

Mar 6 / Bend-Syc Trail Loop (5+)

Well, hip is a bit better but not great. Energy sucks. I’m old. So old. SO OLLLLLLDDDDD. Also, whine.

Mar 5 / Stage-Serro-West Loop MB (7+)

Took two days off due to stiff hip. Seems a little better, but damn, I just could not get moving today. Dragging the whole way, no energy, finished with hacking cough and pain in right side of my throat. Sick? Falling apart? Bleh.

Mar 2 / Bend-Syc Trail Loop (5+)

Oof. No caffeine in the AM, so dead-legged all the way šŸ™‚ , but also tight hip ;( and achy foot šŸ™ :(. Five min off pace. So, we’ll have to see how things feel tomorrow.

Feb 28 / 5x Willows Loops (16)

So, was gonna rest, but whatevs. First time doing 5 laps on Willow. Was pretty burnt by the last lap, but it was still fun to watch people I’d lapped look at me like one of us was crazy. It’s them. They’re crazy. Not me. 3.2k elevation gain. Not too shabby. Now to eat noodles.

Feb 27 / Syc-Ser-West Loop (5-)

Felt better than I thought I would, so actually pretty enjoyable. Slow, sweaty fun. The only kind I have.

Feb 26 / Black Star to Tower MB (16+)


Feeling pretty crap, honestly, but still managed about 40 min to crest and 1:10 or so to Beek’s both in top 3 times. Kinda burnt at tower so didn’t go any further. Took the partial single-track down for the first time. Not very technical, and kinda fun if pretty rutted, but it cuts off 1+ miles. Tracking

Feb 25 / Stair Step to Top of the World MB (6-)

New trail, walked bike up a lot of it, but down. Nice breeze up top. Would definitely do it again but would like to find alternate uphill.

Feb 24 / Syc-Ser-Stage Loop (4+)

Run. Utter crap. Not sure what’s wrong with me.

Feb 23 / Stage-Serro-West Loop MB (7+)

Kinda tired and fugly, but best time yet through rocky area.

Feb 22 / ???

Think I did something…

Feb 20 / Skyline wKam (8+)

Beautiful if surprisingly warm day. Very windy higher up.Ā  Ran into David again, which was awesome–I think we’re the only ones out there. First ones to buy tickets down now that tram is running. Took 6:20, including several stops and chilling to enjoy the scenery. Drank only 1.8 of 3 liters of water for some reason, almost like the time I drank < 1.5, but not sure why. Need to remember to hydrate.

Feb 18 / MB with Jim

Chill ride on Old Emerald.

Feb 17 / Bend-Syc Trail Loop (5+)

Not a bad joggy runny thing. Nice day out, nothing flew off my body and I missed the skunk, so, thumbs up.

Feb 15 / Willow Laps then Mike MB (23+)

Did four (4) laps on Willow (1st time, and oof, at least it kinda woke me up), and then usual Lizard / Old Emerald thing with Mike. Definitely pooped on last climb and Mike kinda dropped me. After I ran into a bush. I blame the bush. Total climbing 3,800’+. Total sweating infinite.

Feb 14 / Some Loop Run Thing (4+)

Ran up Little Sycamore loop around to Stage Coach. Not bad. Parts all did things. Nothing flew off. Not fast, but also not tragic. šŸ˜‰

Feb 13 / Black Star to Radio Tower MB wJohn (18+)

Nice mellow ride. Pretty day with cool breeze, but SO MANY people.

Feb 11 / Bend to Bommer RT (3+)

Hike / job up Bend and back down, about 25:30 to the top, and felt aerobically pretty good but hip tight, so headed back.

Feb 10 / Stage-Serrano-West Loop MB (5+)

Nice ride. Someday I’ll nail that rock section. Runner doing loops in the opposite direction was hauling. Nice to see.

Feb 8 / Little Sycamore loop (4+)

First run in a while where it’s all fitness and no painness, which is nice, though more fitness would also be nice :). Trying to figure out how many miles it takes to clear my head, and not sure there are enough miles in my legs to get there. But…still a pleasant day out.

Feb 7 / Black Star MB 1/2 with John (16)

Putted on up to crest with John, who then had to turn around, so continued up to Beek’s and then cruised down. Leg’s a bit pooped, but mostly…hungry šŸ™‚

Feb 6 / Baldy via Ski Hut / Bowl with Kam (6+)

So little snow. So many people. Like, all the people.

Feb 4 / Bend-Bommer-Little Syc Loop (5+)

Nice run in 1:03. Kept up with 30-something peppy bastard on Bend climb, so that was nice, but trashed legs. Oof. Foot seems okay for now.

Feb 3 / Black Star to Crest MB (9+)

About 0:40 to crest, but breathy. And sweaty. So, normal. Nice day.

Feb 2 / Stage – Serrano – West Loop MB

Good time, getting better on rocks. 0:53 RT I think w/o trying.

Jan 30 / Skyline Partial with Kam (to 6,700′ / 16m)

Hiked / post-holed, snowshoed up to about 6,700 feet (above Flat Rock at 5,900′, below the Traverse at 7,400′) and got near turn around time, so putted on back. Fun, if tiring day. Cached gallon of water around 4,500. Kam fell on snowshoes descent and hit knee (manzanita was grabby), we took them off for rest of descent. Very warm and snow melting fast. Saw several sets of fresh mountain lion tracks. To make it to tram before turn-around, would have needed to move much faster šŸ™‚ or start around 1-2am vs. 4am.

Jan 28 / Black Star to Crest MB (9+)

Really no energy, but about 0:42. Cruised down and got a burrito. Short hike yesterday, also no energy.

Jan 26 / Ride with Jim & Mike in Laguna MB (12+)

Afternoon ride down Old Emerald and Lizard with some Hilly McClimby in between. So, more than 30 miles of MB for the day. A little tired, but legs actually feel fine. Bike is dirty. Poor bike.

Jan 26 / Harding Truck Trail to 4-Corners MB (18+)

Very cool ride. About 3,400 elevation gain, including a few miles on crunchy snow. Really enjoyed the experience, but would have to bring change of socks / gloves to go any higher (got wet and cold from the sweaty-sweat). Downhill was a blast. Rowing two of the three prior days, one rest day. Seeing some issues with other plantar now, so šŸ™ on running…

Jan 22 / Bend-Bommer-Sycamore Loop Hike-Jog (5+)

Some good, some bad, nice cool day though. Loop takes about 1:06, including 0:27 from TH to Bommer Ridge.

Jan 21 / Black Star to Crest MB (9+)

Nice day, probably my best time (0:39:10 / 0:55) but turned around at crest b/c left IT band was feeling tight.

Jan 20 / Stage-Serrano-West Loop MB (7+)

Bit tired, but nice ride. Mild biffage in stupid rock garden, but more funny than painful. Bike dirty now. šŸ™‚

Jan 19 / Bend-Bommer-Sycamore Loop Hike-Jog (5+)

Not bad. Things hurting less. Progress!

Jan 18 / Rattlesnake + Lizard w/Jim MB (11+)

Very nice mellow day after rest yesterday. Back feeling a bit better, which is nice. Made it down Rattlesnake w/o walking first time šŸ™‚ and now Lizard seems very beginnery.

Jan 16 / Cucamonga + Big Horn w/John (12+)

Fun hike in the light snow. More than expected pow on the way to Etiwanda, so I had to call it on account of wearing runners ;(. Fun time plowing through knee-deep snow in shorts coming down Big Horn. Only challenge was my back. Thank God for ibuprofen.

Jan 15 / Black Star to Crest MB (9+)


Jan 14 / Black Star to Crest MB (9+)

Well, that was warm if nothing else. Like, 90? Winter? Hmm.

Jan 13 / Willow or Something MB (7+)

Least motivated MB ride ever. Or second. Bleh…

Jan 12 / Bend-Bommer-Sycamore Loop Hike-Jog (5+)

In better shape. But oof am I a mess. šŸ˜‰

Jan 11 / Little Sycamore Hike-Jog (3+)

Not bad, and was able to jog up on foot, but hip / back are now limiting factors. Need to replace my chassis. In the meantime, maybe some stretching.

Jan 10 / Willow+ MB wJim & Mike (12)

Fun ride, feeling pretty healthy. Bit tipsy one the second downhill (TNA) when I didn’t lower seat post, but otherwise very fun.

Jan 9 / Black Star 16 MB (16)

Nice day, if a bit tired and out of it. Diet? 1:17 to Beek’s. So many people. So few masks…

Jan 8 / Stage-Serrano-West Loop MB (7+)

Very fun and pleasant day. Winter is so harsh here, but I’m learning to handle it. Rowing yesterday.

Jan 6 / Bend Sycamore Hike-Jog (5)

Slightly less faily, but really need to work on back.

Jan 5 / Black Star to Beek’s MB (16+)

Unexpectedly nice ride, without pushing that hard and no food. Made the crest 0:39 something and Beek’s in 1:10 something, both PRs. So that was pleasant. Chill ride down. No sign of hip / back pain from yesterday. Side note: I hate this replacement keyboard. Argh. Tracking.

Jan 4 / Bend Willow Hike-Jog (5)


Jan 3 / Willow 3x + Bend Loop MB (11)

Tired but good laps. Not sure why so exhausted, but still a fun ride.

Jan 2 / Black Star with John MB (2nd Saddle)

Fun cruise up Black Star with John. Nice day. More gravel bikes than ever. It’sĀ  a plague! šŸ™‚

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