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Various Hikes & Runs Q1 2021

Here’s to another year of fun and injuries, and maybe some fitness. Or whatever. The usual nonsense for my consumption only.

Jan 15 / Black Star to Crest MB (9+)


Jan 14 / Black Star to Crest MB (9+)

Well, that was warm if nothing else. Like, 90? Winter? Hmm.

Jan 13 / Willow or Something MB (7+)

Least motivated MB ride ever. Or second. Bleh…

Jan 12 / Bend-Bommer-Sycamore Loop Hike-Jog (5+)

In better shape. But oof am I a mess. 😉

Jan 11 / Little Sycamore Hike-Jog (3+)

Not bad, and was able to jog up on foot, but hip / back are now limiting factors. Need to replace my chassis. In the meantime, maybe some stretching.

Jan 10 / Willow+ MB wJim & Mike (12)

Fun ride, feeling pretty healthy. Bit tipsy one the second downhill (TNA) when I didn’t lower seat post, but otherwise very fun.

Jan 9 / Black Star 16 MB (16)

Nice day, if a bit tired and out of it. Diet? 1:17 to Beek’s. So many people. So few masks…

Jan 8 / Stage-Serrano-West Loop MB (7+)

Very fun and pleasant day. Winter is so harsh here, but I’m learning to handle it. Rowing yesterday.

Jan 6 / Bend Sycamore Hike-Jog (5)

Slightly less faily, but really need to work on back.

Jan 5 / Black Star to Beek’s MB (16+)

Unexpectedly nice ride, without pushing that hard and no food. Made the crest 0:39 something and Beek’s in 1:10 something, both PRs. So that was pleasant. Chill ride down. No sign of hip / back pain from yesterday. Side note: I hate this replacement keyboard. Argh. Tracking.

Jan 4 / Bend Willow Hike-Jog (5)


Jan 3 / Willow 3x + Bend Loop MB (11)

Tired but good laps. Not sure why so exhausted, but still a fun ride.

Jan 2 / Black Star with John MB (2nd Saddle)

Fun cruise up Black Star with John. Nice day. More gravel bikes than ever. It’s  a plague! 🙂

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