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Various Hikes & Running Q3 2020

Nothing to see here other than random nonsense. Someday, this will again be full of great hikes and runs. Now, mostly whining. Actually, almost all whining b/c my injured plantar fascia prevents me from doing much of anything interesting. WAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Aug 3+ More Rides and Stupid Foot

Having some consistency issues and things to work on on rides. Tweaked stupid foot again on short Bedford partial hike testing ankle brace. Irony. Bleh.

Aug 2 / Langley with John (20M)

Long fun day (drive up and back from Irvine same day), if a bit on the slow side. Great to be in the woods with John again. Are the marmots fatter this year? Foot okay. Lots of salt pills improved attitude a lot, but that walk back (last two miles) still SUCKS.

Aug 1 / Black Star 20M (Part Way to Hagador)

Felt pretty good until legs tired out. Not fast, but not bonky or chesty either. Win!

Rest of July / Lots of Black Star Rides

Whee! At least my bike handling is getting better. Cornering well even with shot front shocks. Scared the crap out of a snake. Poor little guy.

Jul 23 / Baldy Loop with Cori and Little John


Fun day and foot was 95% okay. Managed to jog little sections at top, which was sad from a form / speed point of view, but better than nothing. Cori’s knees buggered her on the way down Devil’s Backbone and the lift / lodge was closed, so more of a hike than they probably expected. Still fun, and great fries in the village afterward.

Jul 18+ / More Rides on Black Star

Pedal, pedal, pedal…

Jul 17 / Black Star to Beek’s 16 MB (1:58)

Mountain bike ride up and back. Warm and a bit pooped by Beek’s, so didn’t go to tower. Other than being hot and tired it was a good ride. Didn’t get my butt kicked by too many spandexians 😉

July 15 / Horseshoe Meadows to Cottonwood Lake #4

Was going to do Langley, but jammed foot right below the lake and hurt stupid plantar fascia again. Brace sucked and attitude / energy worse, so took a nap on a rock below Old Army Pass and then moped back. Thirteen miles or something. Blah.

July 14 / Onion Valley to Kearsarge Pass 9

Really great hike after driving up from Irvine. 1:38 to pass, then spent 30 min plus chilling and talking, then walked on down. Great day, but legs feeling it more than I expected. Did it so fast I had to kill a lot of time that evening :).

Before this in July

Various rides Bedford Peak hike with John, nothing too exciting. Foot is really limiting, but is getting better.


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