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Various Hikes & Runs Q4 2020

The usual collection of personal notes on random hikes, runs and mountain bike rides. Pretty boring nonsense for anyone else.

Oct 24 / Black Star Partial MB (13+)

So, intention was to ride to Beek’s for the first time in a while while not injuring or bonking myself. Started off well enough until one of the many unleashed dogs on the road (dogs are supposed to be leashed) ran in front of my bike. I asked the owner to call off his dogs. He said, “What the hell did you say to me?” and I said, “Please leash your dogs” and he then shoved me / tried to knock me off my bike. Much stupidity ensued including a threat to “knock my other teeth out” (I guess he noticed my pre-implant smile. What a sweet guy). Anyway, that was 2+ minutes of my life I’ll never get back, and I still made it to the crest in 45, so 00:43 if you take out those two minutes. So, adrenaline helps. After that felt fine until hamstrings got a bit tight, so i turned around at the last saddle and cruised down. Not a bad day, and non-bonking was very nice, but damn, I’m glad I didn’t get killed…

Oct 22 / Silverado Trail Partial Hike (3.5) + Jim MB (14)

Up Silverado Trail at decent pace until felt bonky (35 min) and foot hurt (40 min), so turned around. About 1,350 elevation gain. I’ll take it. Mellow walk / jog down with usual ankle twisting silliness. Spontaneous bike ride with Jim in the evening, around 14 miles and 2,000′ elevation gain and loss. Tired legs and lotsa sweat, but no bonk, which was nice.

Oct 21 / Black Star to Crest (9)

Well, not as bonky as before, but still. Crest in 00:47. One very odd light-headed episode that was concerning. I’m going to try not using Ultima electrolytes for a while. I didn’t realize they are sweetened with a Stevia extract, so it might be spiking my glucose levels and impeding glycogen storage. Honestly, just guessing. Nice cool day overall.

Oct 20 / Local Hike (Willow)

Felt pretty good, no bonk, even jogged very slowly down 🙂 . We’ll see how foot feels tomorrow. Realized a lot of stevia in my electrolytes. May back off of that and see if insulin response is tied to bonking the next day (just won’t drink for a while).

Oct 18 / Black Star 7 MB

Well, poo. Felt terrible and seemed to have lightly strained something else in left quad or groin area. Seriously think my muscles are made of tissue paper. ;(

Oct 17 / Black Star 7 MB with John

Put John on my old bike and we putted up the hill until he putted no more. Very mellow. All seems okay with body.

Oct 16 / Black Star to Crest (9)

Wow, that was terrible. Felty bonky from start and crawled to the crest (0:54). So low energy I couldn’t even breathe hard. Also, foot started hurting below Mariposa sign. So…AAAAAAARGH!!! 100 degrees more or less at the car. Joy level -1.

Oct 15 / Local Hike

Up Willow, down Laurel and out Laurel Spur. Kinda liked the outbound single track. Pretty wiped (little sleep) and careful, but injuries didn’t bother me except foot. So…meh.

Oct 13 / Local Hike

Up Big Bend over Bommer down Willow. Bend is steep, man. Damn. Don’t know if I could bike up that, but downhill would be…terrifying (or funny). Just too much pulverized dirt for traction. Foot hurt, hamstring tight, but mostly ok.

Oct 10 – 12 / Whatever

Don’t really remember. Bike ride with weird stabby thigh pain, so turned around. Also a hike up something from Stagecoach trailhead. Mostly hot and dusty.

Oct 9 / Black Star to Crest (9)

A bit bonky, but basically just out of shape. Foot likes easier grade much better…

Oct 8 / Local Short MB

Not bad. Foot hurts on steeper stuff. Out of shape. But not bad.

Oct 7 / Local Short Hike

I’m old! But, not dead yet. Walked up Willow. Be fun to MB when foot can handle steeper stuff.

Oct 6 / Local MB

Bit longer than 2nd, quad mostly okay, and now I think maybe it’s tendons? Heck if I know. Chesty / bonky is back, but now that iron and electrolytes are checked, this must something else. Possible crappy diet day before? Hmm. Hmm!

Oct 3 / Local Mini Hike

A bit under an hour. Quad feeling it again. Bleh.

Oct 2 / Local MB

Quick 30 min (until I felt anything that might be an injury) ride, feeling okay. A bit nauseated and sore-throated for the past few days, but only mild quad twinge. I shall heal…soon!

Oct 1 / Local Hiking Trail

Less than an hour testing out quad, calf, body, air and other nonsense. Hot and boring, but body is healing. Still can’t jog on foot, but that’ll be a while. Definitely lost some fitness, but whatever…

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