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2020 Barkley Marathons (Canceled!)

Barkley Yellow gate

The Yellow Gate, Courtesy of Finally Found Something I love

As of March 16, 2020, the 2020 Barkley Marathons were announced as canceled by Keith Dunn on Twitter due to the coronavirus and related travel issues. Great decision, laz, but bummer nonetheless…

I was just putting this together as I learn who’s running, or who might be. If you happened to know of racers who were in the 2020 Barkley (and have gotten their condolences letter) let me know. Until then, be safe out there (and in there).

In the meantime, pass some time watching the Barkley by watching the documentaries and movies. Enjoy!

Non-Barkers of the Non-Barkley

As of March 16, this is who we thought would run:

Possible Victim Details
Leif Abrahamsen (NOR)
Ultra Signup
Guillaume Calmettes?
Ultra Signup
Jamil Coury
Training Video
Ultra Signup
Enrico Frigeri (BRA)
Jeff Garmire?
Ultra Signup
Frank Gonzalez?
BFC 2019 #1
Ultra Signup
Greig Hamilton?
Ultra Signup
Tomokazu Ihara?
Ultra Signup
Miguel Lara
Ultra Signup
David Limousin (FRA)
Out due to Coronavirus
Corona Virus Cancellation
Pre-Race Interview
Ultra Signup
Andy Pearson
Training Video
Ultra Signup
Krapa Rando?

Jake Rankinen?
Ultra Signup
Gary Robbins (CAN)
Ultra Signup
Karel Sabbe?
Ultra Signup
Johan Steene (SWE)
Out due to Coronavirus
Coronavirus Cancellation
Ultra Signup
Let us know!

Liz Canty
BFC 2019 #1
Confirmed Mar 3 via FB
Ultra Signup
Maggie Guterl
Big Dog 2019 Winner
Ultra Signup
Ashley Hazlett?

Darcy Piceu?
Ultra Signup
Isobel Ross (AUS)
Pre-Race Interview
Ultra Signup
Marianna Zaikova?

Starters Usually 40+/-

Note that women are indicated with an underline. If you know the other runners or can suggest other race reports, let me know. I’ll update as new information comes in.

Runner Notes

Lief Abrahamsen is the first Norwegian invited to the Barkleys (via Google Translate): “If I have to complete 5 laps in Barkley, everything has to hit, I have to hit with navigation, the weather has to be on our side – some years it is simply impossible and complete due to difficult weather and fog – and I have to have a top day physically and mentally.

Jamil Coury and Andy Pearson announced they were into the Barkleys in a YouTube “Bootcamp” video:

And here later was the sad notice of cancellation from Jam Jam himself:

Brazilian Enrico Frigeri will be coming to the Barkleys to represent Latin America. According to Go Outside Brazil, “Enrico was one of the 20 foreigners chosen, the only one from Latin America, for the 2020 edition. Another 20 North Americans should be selected this month. Due to a confidentiality contract, the Brazilian can only say that the proof is in March.

Through-hiker Jeff Garmire talks about Barkley 2020 training here.

Miguel Lara was announced as a Barkley runner this year on the Born to Rub Instagram account: “…Miguel Lara has been selected to participate in the Barkley Marathons. We are super excited to support and follow along his journey.

David Limousin of France appears to be participating in part to draw attention to Type 1 diabetes. His announcement video is below, but only in French. See also this article in Wider Trail Outdoors magazine. You can also read his pre-race interview here:

Runner and photographer Krapa Rando has been training hard, as shown in a video posted to Facebook. See some of his great training videos here.

Gary Robbins is coming back for his fourth try: “I did, of course, get my letter of condolences for the 2020 Barkley Marathons. And after last week’s training, my first 30K week in almost two years since March 2018. I’m finally confident enough to say, not only are we going back to the Barkley this year, I have high hopes.” Gary also noted on FB, “My buddy Jake [Rankinen] ]got into the Barkley this year, after 5 years of applying.”

Isobel Ross at 2019 Barkleys

Isobel Ross at 2019 Barkleys

Isobel Ross will be returning for her second Barkley. See pre-race interview.

See you in 2021!!!

More about the Barkleys

If you see any other race reports buy runners or crew,  or particularly good recaps, let me know. And as always, if you want to learn more about the Barkley, check out the following:

Peace, and good luck Out There.


  1. Magnus

    Leif Abrahamsen is going to run The Barkleys. He will be the first norwegian to participate. Runners World Norway have written about him competing two times.


    He recently ran Montane Legens Trail to warm up to The Barkleys:

  2. Scott

    Jamil Coury announced that he’s going back. I would assume Maggie Guterl is also as I believe the winner of Big’s gets an automatic entry. And Gary Robbins mentioned a few weeks ago that he has a friend who is in.

    • Posilicious

      Thanks, Scott. Updated / will add more when I find it.

      • Scott G

        Darcy Piceu posted on her instagram a picture from Frozen Head. She didn’t exactly “announce”, but I don’t think a runner of her caliber and reputation would post something like that if she wasn’t in. She has previously mentioned that she has applied, but couldn’t make it one year due to family committments.

        • Posilicious

          Thanks, Scott. I’ve added her as a possible. Be great to have a strong field of women like her in contention.

  3. John Clarke

    Gary Robbins disclosed on January 26 via FB and other social media that Jake Rankinen got into BM100 this year. Facebook question clarifying if it was Rankinen he was referring to with “my buddy Jake” post and Gary affirmed that.

  4. John Clarke

    Jamil Coury’s Barkley bootcamp YouTube post on March 2 disclosed Andy Pearson got in this year. They were both at FHSP doing training.

  5. Samuel Hartman

    This was all the talk at the Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon this past weekend:


  6. Tabitha Anabel Bright

    Isobel Ross is running in 2020 Barkley from Australia 🙂

  7. Fredrik

    I guess that Johan Steene (Swedish runner) will run BM this year, it will be his 3rd or 4th attempt if so. I follow him on instagram (sugrorsmannen) and he is being active. He posted pictures with Gary Robbins in january when they were running together. No announcement yet though.

  8. Coelhão

    Enrico Frigeri, brazilian, will runner in 2020.
    (sorry, just in portuguese).

    • Posilicious

      Thanks, Enrico. Added. Great to see someone from Brazil!

  9. Tabitha Anabel Bright

    She coached me for a period of time, and we chat a bit. She is a gun and determined 🙂

  10. Hi, I saw Guillaume Calmettes and Tomokazu Ohara on Ultrasignup. Getting excited!!!

  11. Nicole Jessome

    What’s the date for 2020?

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