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Various Hikes & Runs Q2 2019

Random Black Star Shot

Random Black Star Shot

My usual collection of random run / hike / ski stuff. Also some mountain biking. Mostly the battle against the dying of the light, physically speaking.

Jaw Surgery – Jun 20

Just a note that can’t run / do anything after this for a few weeks. So, that ends my whining for the quarter. Overall…kinda bleh, but some good hikes and recovery in here. Need to figure out better way to work out in the new OC hood.

San Jacinto from Humber Park with Huy – Jun 16

Huy’s recovery from Achilles surgery progressing with amazing speed, so we did the 16 mile loop to the peak. Took just under six hours. Super hot, and I felt really odd for a few hours, but still a fun day. Huy’s a machine.

Baldy Loopage with John – Jun 9

Despite a clear lack of enthusiasm, we hiked up Ski Hut Trail and down Register Ridge (my first time on Register. Cool trail. Got lots of sun, but very fun day despite so. many. people.

Santiago Truck Trail – Jun 8

Another 8.x mile run. More bonky than last time, and warmer, but only 2 min slower. Can’t really figure it out. Many mountain-bikers were pleasant, others were jerks, one seemed really confused. Saw two other runners, which was a first.

Mt. Woodson from Lake Poway (Upper Lot) – Jun 2

Nice cool weather for a short run. Managed 59:30 up and 135:30 down, my second best times, and almost no pain. Can’t say it felt great, but a decent 7+ miles.

Skyline Trail Partial – Jun 1

Headed to PS for a hike up skyline to see if I could work on my diet and bonking issues. Kam showed up tired / beat and we only made it up to about 3k’ / 6 miles before turning around and jogging down in the heat. Weird day, but still nice just to be out.

Santiago Truck Trail Run – May 27

Eight mile run done in three segments: (1) God I have to poop. Why do I have to poop so badly?  (2) Wow, the trail is pretty but super wet. Flowers! (3) Freaking mountain-bikers never yield. Okay some do. Now I have poop again. Is anger a laxative? Whee! Running downhill is fun. Took about 1:49 and felt pretty good, considering awesome bonk at GC on Saturday. Me run pretty some day.

Accidental Grand Canyon R2R III with Kam – May 25

Well, yeah. R2R2R truncated to R2R + Expensive Shuttle due to another damn bonk, this time kinda awesome. Couldn’t even move fast enough to breath hard on the NK ascent. Kam should have pushed me off the cliff and watched my bloated sloth corpse bounce all the way to Roaring Springs. Instead, she was sweet. Damn her. Twenty one miserable miles in the books.

Ptarmigan Trail Meander – May 21

Who knew there was this gorgeous trail right next to my mom’s cabin? Everyone, apparently. No sneaky access to Andy Simons Peak, but maybe some to ridgeline to south. Seriously, pretty trail. Should do the full walk to lake someday.

Arctic Ski Hill – May 18

Had to get away from the hospital for a bit, and mom seemed to be holding up thanks to the great nurses at Alaska Regional. Seriously, great people. Hiked from lot to ridgeline again. Still 1,200′ as beautiful little 2 mile hike.

Arctic Ski Hill – May 15

Pre-surgery short hike while mom stalked some birds.

Trabuco / Joplin to Santiago with John – May 11

Surprisingly cool and pleasant 14+ miles with John. Followed oddly by Mariscos & Sushi. Not sure how that happened.

Black Star MB – May 5

Hot. Still better than work.

Santiago Truck Trail – May 4

About 8 miles R/T this time, furthest I’ve run on it. Hot. Usual bonk. Had trouble recovering and really rolled my ankle badly, but it was still a great day.

Black Star MB – May 1

Nice ride after work. Feeling slightly less crappy on the bike.

Skyline with Kam for her Birthday – Apr 27

Started up at 5:40 am or something. Topped out 5:25 later.  It was hot. I bonked like a bonker who bonks. Which is to say, the worst bonk so far on Skyline. Bleh. Still, great day on the mountain.

Bedford Peak with John – Apr 21

We hiked. We ate breakfast burritos. All was good in the world. Except for the jackass dropping empty water bottles on the trail screw that guy.

Black Star Trail to Some Peak (MB) – Apr 20

Same ride as last week. I’m not younger yet. Did spend 45 min helping three hapless chaps fix a tire when they had no pump or spare. I gave them a spare and they eventually got moving. Killed my momentum, so gave up on ambition to climb next higher peak or traverse ridgeline. Next time…

Black Star Trail to Some Peak (MB) – Apr 13

Remembered I had a mountain bike after a year, so rode it. Things hurt, but other than back / hip, felt ok. 17.5 miles? Sure. Fast? No. But really enjoyed it, and took the load off my injured footsy.  Saw some strong runners out there, some of which probably beat my RT time to the peak which is…awesome. Inspirational? I will be younger tomorrow!

Santiago Truck Trail (6.5m) – Apr 7

Turns out this is a cool single-track for the first few miles. Less cool are the billions of mountain bikers. Still a good run, even if I jacked up my foot somehow. Ahh, middle age.

Harding Truck Trail (6m) – Apr 6

Did an easy 6 miles from Modjeska canyon parking area. Body okay, but still being careful after dental surgery yesterday. Feeling lots of aches and pains, but hopefully all minor. Need to stretch, as always.

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