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Various Hikes & Runs Q3 2019

Colorado from Plateau Point

Colorado from Plateau Point

Some random notes on some random hikes and running. Signed up for Ray Miller 50K in December, so hopefully there’s a lot of training in here.

Grand Canyon Half-Assed R2R2R Fail Sep 28


Had to get away for impromptu hike / drive to clear my head. Never really felt it. Temperature 10 degrees over forecast. Got to Phantom and was sweating like mad at 5 am, so just called it and went up BA to Plateau Point for the view. Still managed to bonk on upper Bright Angel. Kind of a cluster. This whole bonking thing takes the joy out of longer hikes…and this one was only about 19.5 miles. Bonks seem to be getting worse, taking me out for the whole day. Still, some nice shots of the Canyon.

Giants Causeway Walkin’ with Brandify Team – Sep 21

Really pretty day at the north end of Ireland with the Brandify team. Not really hiking, but a very pleasant saunter.

Lugnaquilla Peak in the Wicklows (Ireland) with Tessa – Sep 15

Lovely hike from a pub to a peak in wind and rain and fog. First ever hike in Ireland. Perfect, really.

Baldy 9-Peaks Traverse with Kam – Sep 7

Weird day. Mostly good. Ended hard. Cograts to Kam on her first time with all the peaks.

Ontario & Bighorn with John – Sep 2

Where was this freakin’ weather on Saturday? Clouds, shade, 15 degrees cooler. Great hiking all around, and a fun run down, including a great shortcut off of Bighorn.

Baldy 9 Peaks Fail (3 as per Usual) – Aug 31

Shouldn’t have done this in the heat. Bonked and dehydrated like a loser. 17 miles and lots of whining, but it was still a good day on the trails. At least finished Ontario, Bighorn, Cucamonga.

Baldy Bowl Trail Sunset with John – Aug 25

Random evening hike with John. Finished in the dark. Check out the video with all the freaking moths.

Bedford Peak in Da Heat – Aug 24 / 1:51

Miles of heat and whatnot. A lot like Mt. Woodson without the lake, or the wood.

Baldy Loopage with Kam – Aug 17

Another loop of Baldy Skit Hut Trail to Register and down. Met nice hiker on the way up. Kam’s turn to bonk this time. NO idea on time, but nice weather and cool breeze the whole way.

Exploring SJ Desert View – Aug 15

Got a little antsy and drove out for hike and to check out locations in book that I hadn’t hiked before.  Beautiful area and nice hike. Nobody else out there.

Baldy Loopage – Aug 10 / 3:05

Another loop of Baldy Skit Hut Trail to Register and down. Felt slow on up but exact same 2:00 climb as last time. R/T of 3:05 b/c was able to jog a bit on downhill. Nice omelette in Village after. Achilles and Plantar F. kind of being a pain.

AC100 Helpage – Aug 4

Helped out a very little bit informally with some friends who were racing the AC100. Joe Brophy finished like a champ in 90+ temps. Amazing what people can do. Checked out the Sunset Ridge Trail from Millard Campground (last aid station), and was surprised how nice it was. Be a good hiking / running trail if not so far away.

Woodson via Upper Lot – Aug 3

The bonkage continues. Not sure what’s up, but at least the Achilles felt ok. 1:07 up, 2:00 down, exactly as slow and hikey as last time. Then to bar for Huy’s bday. Got migraine on the way for the first time in…forever? Odd. Good day in the end.

Harding Disaster – Jul 28

Well, that sucked. Rattlesnakes, black flies, heat, ugliness and it turns out my Achilles is hurt again. So, yeah. Three miles of self pity in the glory of nature. Almost no one else was stupid enough to be out there, except one old guy in full outback getup who might have been a mirage. Even the flies were suicidal.

Black Star 7 Mile Runnish – Jul 27

Dead legs, fighting shin injury, but at least it was hot, dry and dusty. Beautiful. Honestly, need to figure out the energy thing. It was like 7 miles in a coma.

Woodson from upper lot – Jul 21

Trying Achilles out again, but no energy or running. Passed by two young-uns, which pissed me off but I didn’t have the juice to chase. Felt bonky by dino. 1:07 up, 2 hr RT. So, slow hike but no pain. I’ll take it.

Harding Truck Meander – Jul 20

Well, that happened. Fast hike up for an hour to test the recently partially possibly perturbed Achilles, and was breathy up and tired down. Really weird, honestly. Never drinking milk again. 7.1 miles in 1:40. Slow. On the positive side, a healthy vegan lunch comprising sprite and Taco Bell chicken chalupas and I felt freakin’ great. Disturbing, but effective. I think Sprite is my new recovery drink.

Baldy Non-Traverse – July 13

Baldy from Traverse to Ontario

Kam after two weeks of post-race rest and Shawn after, well, whatever, attempted the Baldy 9-Peaks traverse. Again. Didn’t feel bad, but Kam was a bit slow and we called it on account of heat on return to the Ice House saddle. Tweaked my Achilles a bit on the jog down (sad) but discovered that Sprite is an amazing recovery drink (happy). 17 miles, 3 peaks, 95 degrees at the car. Never bringing cookies again. Brought so much food. Pack was 25lbs+. What’s that all about?

I’ve started eating these RX bars to see if they’ll help with bonking. So far, they seem to to the job. No big energy spike, but no crash either.

Baldy Ski Hut Register Loopage – July 6 / 3:30

Went up Ski Hut and down Register Ridge just like the first time in June. 7.6 miles, 3:30 R/T (vs. 5 with John), but hot and my little water bottle was not quite enough. Definitely felt it on the way down.

Baldy Ice House Chapman Loop – July 4

Wasn’t sure how hard I was allowed to breath after surgery, so took a walking pace up to the saddle, then tired Chapman loop on the way down. It’s a cool, wandering trail that stays high with nice views, but whoever built it really likes switchbacks. Adds a mile or two to R/T distance.

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