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2016 Barkley Marathons Results & Reports

Barkley Yellow gate

The Yellow Gate, Courtesy of Finally Found Something I love

The 2016 Barkley Marathons started on April 2nd at 10:42 am, featuring a wide field of experienced runners including prior winner Jared Campbell. By the time it was all over, Jared would have another win while Canadian superstar Gary Robbins and local hero John Kelly settled for four epic laps.

Barker (Runner) Race Results

All times from Matt Mahoney’s running summary page and other sources.  Numbers at left do not indicate place or bib numbers, just the count of runners:

Victim Loop 1 Loop 2 Loop 3 Loop 4 Loop 5 Other
1. Jared Campbell 8:01:18 19:02:32 31:27:16 46:40:06 59:32:30 Report
2. Gary Robbins 8:01:19 19:02:33 31:27:20 46:39:04 DNF Report
3. John Kelly 8:58:16 20:13:43 32:38:08 47:46:58 Report
4. Dale Holdaway 10:20:15 25:24:54 Report
5. Jason Poole 10:02:12 25:47:25
6. Ty Draney 10:10:18 25:47:26
7. Dominique Ecoiffier 10:48:40 26:36:10
8. Jennilynn Eaton  11:19:39 26:28:37 Report 
9. Adam Lint 8:01:23
10. Andrew Thompson 8:14:44
11. John Fegyveresi 9:15:16
12. Benoit Laval 9:36:13 Report
13. Erik Storheim 10:10:17 Report
14. Michiel Panhuysen 10:20:07 Report
15. Georg Kunzfeld 10:48:04
16. Ed Thomas 10:49:05 Report
17. Nikolay Nachev 10:55:20
18. Mikael Andersson 11:14:59
19. Heather Anderson  11:24:02
20. Conrado Bermudez 11:33:37
21. Rebecca Wilcox 11:33:38
22. Niki Rehn 11:37:36 Report
23. Kirby Russell 11:37:38
24. Hiram Rogers 11:46:55
25. Remy Jegard 11:46:56
26. Iso Yucra 11:52:28
27. Hisayuki Tateno 11:52:32
28. Brad Bishop 12:56:51
29. Rhonda Avery * DNF Report
Podcast Podcast
30. Jim Ball DNF
31. Brad Compton DNF Report
32. Patrick Doring DNF Report
33. Kimberly Durst DNF Report
34. Starchy Grant DNF Report
35. Karen Jackson DNF
36. Sean Ranney DNF Report
37+ DNF
Starters 40 (41) 25 7 3 3 NA
Finishers 28 8 3 3 1 NA

(*) Blind runner guided by Christian Griffith

Racer Notes

Race finisher and winner Jared Campbell had some poetic comments in his report, among them:

I had ample time as long as I didn’t collapse and pass out.  The starry night was beautiful and the temperature near perfect.  The distance to the stars didn’t seem too different from that of Chimney Top.

Gary Robbins gave it his all on his first Barkley attempt, coming up just short with many lessons learned and hunger earned:

After two and a half hours I finally located book three. I briefly told myself that maybe I could push past this, that if I found yet another reserve of energy somewhere that maybe I could make up for my mistakes. I dropped towards book four, at the prison, ended up in the wrong gully, came out north of my target and had bled yet more time. This wound was fatal.

John Kelly captured the exhaustion in his usual eloquent form:

I began putting one foot in front of the other, but I had no idea if I was actually doing it. Was I still asleep? Was this all a dream? Why was I here anyway? Is this Barkley? No, Barkley hasn’t happened yet. Has it? Surely I haven’t failed again. All of this was a dream. I’m going to finish 5 loops this year. My confused thoughts were what occupied me until I rejoined the trail and started back down Bird. Near the top, there was a lovely strip of shade cast over the trail by a tree trunk. I laid down in it. If this is real, someone will come across me here.

And while I’m not going to quote all the reports here, you should read them. There was some amazing athleticism and humanity in Frozen Head that weekend.

Race Recaps

This 2016 non-finish by Gary Robbins was covered in Where Dreams Go to Die by the Ginger Runner:

Laz got some much deserved airtime in the Most Grueling Footrace on Earth:

Leon Lutz wrote an excellent summary on Ultra Running. And finally, Barker mother and wife, and Barkley author, Cathy Henn offered her own race report:

There will be other years at the Barkley, and I intend to not miss any more. I hope to see you all out there next year. Come by and sit a spell with us before you take off running all day and night.

Input & More

If you see any other race reports buy runners or crew,  or particularly good recaps, let me know. And as always, if you want to learn more about the Barkley, check out the following:

Peace, and good luck Out There.

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