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coRUNavirus – The Virus for Runners

coRUNavirus Meme

coRUNavirus Meme

coRUNavirus Meme

coRUNavirus Meme


“When a global pandemic
just means more time to run.”

Because honestly, social isolation and trail running are pretty much the same thing for most of us. The only thing that changed is that we have more time to do it, and there are fewer people out there to catch the corona from. And it’s a great way to let off steam, train and still protect others from infection. So, win-win-win.

“I can’t work remotely today, I’ve got corunavirus.”

“Social isolation brought to you by corunavirus.”

And so on.

But seriously. Practice social isolation and wash your hands so they stop cancelling our damn races.

Social Isolation & Running

This post is not entirely in jest. There are numerous sites stating that running alone may be one of the few socially isolated, safe workouts you can do during the outbreak.

As recommended by Insider, “To run while also social distancing, do it alone or with a friend you keep a distance from, and choose a quiet or off-hours route.” There is of course nothing backing this up scientifically, but it seems to make sense.

Runner’s World has also posted information on how to run safely during the outbreak. For instance, “Effective March 16, San Francisco residents were ordered to shelter in place until April 7, meaning everyone is to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible. However, the directive allows for people to go outside and engage in outdoor activity, such as running, walking, and hiking, as long as people practice safe social distancing (stay 6 feet apart) and do not gather in groups.”

BTW, I just made corunavirus up and I doubt I’m the first. For words I didn’t make up, check out the Ultra Running Glossary.

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